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Chinese the top of tongue on 3 season. Only everyone has great health to eat all over the world.

After four years, the food documentary "China on the tip with the tongue" finally returned to CCTV this Spring Festival. However, weighed against the superb word-of-mouth in the earlier two seasons, another season inside the Douban network has only received a decreased score of 4.3 points, which makes the " Tip 3" encounter with Waterloo.

The third season continued the habit of focusing for the theme of the "Tip of tongue" number of documentaries. It was split up into eight episodes: "Apparel", "Sweet", "Dinner", "Food", "Cooker", "Crisp", "Fall" and "Combination". Chinese food utensils, snacks, snacks, medical and food homology and also other characteristics. Although the second episode of "Spicy" was introduced, the director Huang He led the team to venture to 20 cities in 8 months, contacted 136 people, researched and photographed 120 sorts of snacks, but the final presentation still made a lot. The audience thinks that "the story is greater than the food" "the taste with the preaching is just too strong" and the taste with the tongue has changed.

After the tip of tongue was broadcasted inside the first season, the response was very enthusiastic, especially the meal that was broadcast inside first season that make people mouth-watering. Especially impressive was the 4th episode in the first season, the drunk crab created by Shanghai Mis wang. people can smell the smell from the screen. Later, Mis wang was invited to make a food show on "Daily Up". I have to say that Chinese meals are really amazing.

However, inside the face of numerous foods, many people can't eat them. Some diseases are contraindicated on food. For example, the drunken crab mentioned above, prostatitis patients need to fast, because crabs are part of seafood fish, it may well induces disease. patients with prostatitis can eat a bit, cannot eat excessive, or perhaps the condition will recover very slowly. Patients with prostatitis should look closely at light diet, can not eat spicy food, can not smoke and drink. they want eat fresh vegetables and fruit, that is conducive for the recovery in the disease.

Prostatitis of patients as well as food taboos, they also are unable to ignore treatment. chronic prostatitis continues to be a better hazard to patient, around the one hand affects normal life like urinary frequency urgency, around the other hand may increase impotence, early ejaculation dysfunction. There are two major forms of chronic prostatitis, bacterial and non-bacterial. and the ones can determine it in accordance with regular examination of prostatic fluid. After the patient is examined, he should treat it with time. He can use the patented diuretic anti-inflammatory pill produced by Li Xiaoping Chinese Medicine. It is pure Chinese medicine that has no unwanted effects, and patients usually takes it with certainty.


Three types of wine are medicinal liquor formula of tonifying kidney.

In true to life, many individuals have different degrees of kidney deficiency. such as weak waist and knees, body fatigue, numbness inside limbs, male impotence and early ejaculation, female menstrual disorders, etc. Which are signs of kidney deficiency. And if we can easily find some effective medicinal liquor formula, it will definitely have a very strong good effect on kidney. Here are some with the medicinal formulas who have obvious effects on kidney.

1. Quail of wine.

Quail of wines are a medicinal formula suitable for kidney deficiency. Whether it is kidney yang deficiency or kidney yin deficiency, it may achieve great results. Put the washed viscera along with the appropriate level of Cistanche, and dodder in to the bottle and seal it. After most monthly, you are able to consider the drink. As we all know, Quail is the best choice among every one of the tonics. It not only will replenish the essence of blood, and also has a good tonic effect on the interior organs from the body. Many friends will choose Quail when they replace with food. Quail can delay aging, strengthen bones, replenish kidney and improve essence, strengthen your body, and it is an uncommon aphrodisiac medicinal formula.

2. Tonifying kidney and strengthening yang of wine.

This medicinal wine formula, like its name, is a superb thing that can effectively replenish kidney and strengthen yang. There are testicles from the rooster, scorpion and longan inside it. Although the recycleables are not at all hard, provided that people can easily still take it for quite a while, they can find that the effect of soothing the nerves and warming the kidney and yang is extremely obvious. For the patients with spleen and yang deficiency, this wines are very suitable. Whether it is a weak waist or even a low sexual desire, be it cold or chills, or upset and insomnia, people could possibly get accomplishment out of this wine.

3. sea horse of wine.

Sea horse of vino is all to easy to make and it has outstanding results. Put the right level of Lycium chinensis and sea horse in the liquor for about 50 % of 30 days and drink. Although this sea horse of vino is simple, its role in warming the kidney and yang is prominent, specially the kidney yang deficiency caused by having less fire. Every day before heading to bed, people please take a small cup of sea horse of wine, and yang deficiency will run away!


The harm of hydrosalpinx, How long do patients cure it by Fuyan pill ?

Fallopian tube with water, like tubal blockage and fallopian tube adhesion, it's a inflammatory lesion in the fallopian tube produced by long-term stimulation of fallopian tube inflammation. It is also a major disease causing female infertility, so many women are afraid of this complaint. Hydrosalpinx are not only found cause female infertility. Let's talk about the damage caused by it.

The harm of hydrosalpinx is principally in the following aspects:

1. resulting in female infertility: the occurrence of hydrosalpinx can lead to infertility, experts declared that when there is hydrosalpinx, it'll hinder the normal encounter between sperm and egg, so it is going to get a new conception of ladies, leading to no pregnancy.

2. the harm towards the embryo: the occurrence of hydrosalpinx, will also get a new development in the embryo, since the toxic substances from your stagnant water will flow into uterine cavity in the event the embryo transplant towards the uterine cavity of woman, so it is going to increase the possibility of miscarriage.

3. causing female ectopic pregnancy: the occurrence of hydrosalpinx, not only can lead to infertility, it's also prone to cause ectopic pregnancy, mainly for the reason that fertilized egg can not reach the position with the uterine cavity, therefore it are only able to stay within the female fallopian tube that will cause ectopic pregnancy.

Have you been scared looking at the harm with the fallopian tube? It seems that the hydrosalpinx is not as simple even as think, and then we must seek treatment in time to prevent serious consequences. When it comes to treatment, women have questions. Why am I eating a great deal of medicine however, not good effects? There is only 1 reason for this: there's no proper way for treatment. patients need to treat this condition be determined by their particular condition.

In all, early discovered and early treated this complaint can effectively avoid the damage due to hydrosalpinx, and it can also alleviate the anguish of patients. Generally, hydrosalpinx can be treated by traditional Chinese medicine. The recommended prescription medication is Fuyan pill.

Fuyan Pill have funtion of heat-clearing and detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory, and promoting circulation and removing blood stasis that could start from the root cause of hydrosalpinx, Taking blood circulation to take out phlegm, eliminating heat and dampness, and looking after kidney and soothing liver and tonifying qi and nourishing blood. it may make the drug naturally distributed in the pathogen as outlined by meridians, and selectively act on the lesion. Generally, with Fuyan Pill to the treatments for hydrosalpinx, you'll be able to eliminate the accumulated water after using Fuyan Pill for two to three months, then take 1-2 months to remove the inflammation from the fallopian tube.


What methods bring treating seminal vesiculitis?

Seminal vesiculitis is often a cystic, painless or mild pain, sometimes with a scrotal mass that induce anxiety and result in psychological impotence, testicular atrophy and male infertility. Men shouldn't be anxious in regards to the treatment of seminal vesiculitis. Depending around the patient's condition, patients can pick suitable treatment.

1. Use appropriate antibiotics: Acute seminal vesiculitis ought to be treated as soon as the symptoms disappear completely, after which still make drug for 1 or 2 weeks; chronic seminal vesiculitis should continue to be used for more than 4 weeks to consolidate the curative effect; avoid sitting for days on end, in case pelvic cavity is congested.

2. local treatment: the drug damp gauze pad is placed inside perineum, and coupled to the anode of the DC electric therapy device, the cathode is applied on the pubic bone, 20 minutes whenever, once daily, every ten times a program of treatment. Warm water bath (hot and cold levels 42) and perineal hot compress to further improve local blood flow, help inflammation subsided. Avoid sitting for days on end in order to avoid pelvic congestion.

3. To avoid excessive sex: to reduce the degree of sexual congestion. Patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis will have a seminal vesicle prostate massage frequently (1 or 2 times a week). One is to promote the blood flow from the prostate and seminal vesicles, and the other is to xafs the production of inflammatory substances.

4. Chinese medicine: Take Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and detoxification. The specific prescription can go on the hospital to identify a doctor.


Why is there a fallopian tube blockage?

Tubal blockage is inflammation of the female reproductive organs. After getting sick, the sufferer could possibly have symptoms for example fever, fatigue, low back pain, irregular menstruation, abnormal vaginal discharge, etc., and the person needs timely treatment. However, most sufferers do not understand their condition in the illness, they use the drug without authorization, lastly bring trouble for their body. Seeing a doctor should also prescribe the right medicine, then why people experience fallopian tube of blockage? Here is often a detailed review of everyone.

1, postoperative infection: some women have done some surgery, including artificial abortion, gynecological examination, female ring of surgery that place on or off ring in uterine. the danger of encountering bacterial infection in those days is large, it'll cause more gynecological inflammation problems, tubal blockage is often a more widespread one inch it.

2, postpartum infection: very large women after birth, because with the inconvenience and weakness, might not pay too much awareness of personal clean, low immunity is vulnerable to bacterial infection, at this time the upstream pelvic infection in the intrauterine placenta residual membrane is much more simple to infect tubal blockage.

3, inflammation spread: female reproductive organs are closely adjacent. when one in the organs has inflammation, inflammation will spread, including appendicitis, peritonitis inflammation spread towards the cervix, fallopian tube, can lead to cervicitis, fallopian tube blockage.

No appear causes the tubal blockage, it timely treatment. It is recommended that the patient choose Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment, and will also adjust the patient's body while curing, so as not to relapse after healing.


How should vaginitis of patients do?

Normal women's vagina has a natural beneficial flora, which has certain potential to deal with the invading of external bacteria. When the "protective layer" of the vagina is destroyed, it is possible to develop vaginitis. What should we do after getting vaginitis?

1. change the vaginal pH. Vaginitis is usually due to the invasion of Candida albicans. The most suitable pH value for Candida growth is 5.5. Therefore, the vulva and vagina are washed with the alkaline treatment for alter the pH of the vagina, that may inhibit the increase and reproduction of mold. You may use 2% to 4% baking soda to completely clean the vagina, a couple of times a day, fourteen days for any procedure. After washing, dry the vulva whilst the vulva dry to inhibit the increase of Candida.

2. Vaginal medicine. The use of some suppositories for vaginal has a good impact on fungal vaginitis. people are able to use drugs paste outside at the same time to help remedy the signs and symptoms of genital itching, these two methods are generally useful in compare superficial vaginitis, not suitable for severe vaginitis.

3. oral antibiotics. Because mold infection can be transmitted to each other through sexual intercourse, it could be treated by oral administration, and oral medication may also inhibit intestinal candida. However, patients taking antibiotics for a long time may develop capacity antibiotics.

4. Chinese medicine treatment. The use of drugs with heat-clearing and detoxifying, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory can inhibit the elimination of Candida, including Chinese medicine Fuyan pills. Reduce the symptoms of genital itching, burning pain, and abnormal vaginal discharge. Usually this method of treatments for vaginitis may also are likely involved in inhibiting the recurrence of vaginitis. The incidence of vaginitis is extremely high, but timely treatment may also be cured. Do not delay treatment and bring about inflammation with the infection and modify the cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries and other parts, so as not to cause much more serious gynecological diseases.


What should see if man have infertility?

What should register male infertility? If you don't know which things to check, let's take a glance!

1. Determine what history. It is important to collect history correctly. (1) occupation and job type; (2) past medical history; (3) marriage and sexual life; (4) past examination and treatment; (5 ) ancestors and family history.

2, physical examination. Includes systemic and genital examinations.

3. Laboratory inspection. In addition to the semen examination like a mandatory item, the others should be selected in line with the patient's specific conditions: (1) semen analysis. This will help to know virility and it is a must-check for infertility. (2) In vitro xenogeneic insemination experiments can more accurately estimate sperm insemination ability, which is of great value in judging virility.

4. Endocrine examination. The function with the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis might be understood by gonadotropin-releasing hormone or clomiphene stimulating test. Testosterone levels might be directly determined. Reflects the function of interstitial cells.

5, Doppler ultrasound examination. Helps confirm varicocele.

6, X-ray inspection. In order to determine the obstruction site with the vas deferens, vas deferens, epididymis angiography, vas deferens, seminal vesicle angiography or urethrography may be used.

7, immunological examination. Sperm agglutination antibodies or brake antibodies in serum or seminal plasma are detected by sperm agglutination test or brake test.

8, testicular biopsy. For spermless or oligozoospermia, directly confirm the spermatogenic function from the testicular seminiferous tubules along with the progression of interstitial cells.

9, chromosome karyotype analysis. For genital malformations, testicular dysplasia and unexplained azoospermia.


Why does the vas deferens blocked?

Blockage in the vas deferens is one from the main reasons behind male infertility. However, male vas deferens usually have no obvious external symptoms, and do you know the reasons behind this? Let me expose you to the subsequent.

Insufficiency in the nature including the absence with the head, body, and tail of the epididymis, a partial or complete absence of the vas deferens, vas deferens and epididymis are not connected, epididymis, vas deferens or seminal vesicle hypoplasia.

Reproductive system tumors such as epididymal tumors, seminal vesicle tumors, prostate tumors causing oppression, causing lumens, etc., may cause blockage in the vas deferens.

Reproductive system damage such as varicocele, vas deferens injury after spermatic cord tumor, hernia repair, epididymal semen cyst, testicular sperm choroidal effusion surgery, can damage the epididymis; prostate surgery can cause ejaculation orifice occlusion, or There was no damage during the operation, nevertheless the scar was left behind following your operation, so the vas deferens was compressed and even deformed.

Bacterial virus infection Due to the invasion of some bacteria, for example, Mycobacterium tuberculosis infects the reproductive system, which damages the seminiferous tubules and vas deferens of the epididymis, changes the composition of the seminal plasma, and results in blockage of the vas deferens.

Inflammatory infections, inflammatory infections brought on by tract inflammation can also bring about infection in the vas deferens, block the vas deferens, damage sperm, and cause men's infertility.


preventive tips for patients with prostatitis.

Prostatitis is just not unfamiliar to many people men, especially middle-aged males are struggling with prostatitis. This is a high incidence of male diseases, which is another disease that causes great injury to men's health. In everyday life, male friends have to do efficient at prevention. In this article, we'll introduce prostatitis prevention measures in greater detail and hope to help male friends. There are many preventive methods for prostatitis. Let's list some ones in keeping.

1. Drink plenty of water in daily life and improve the quantity of urine. Drinking more water and urinating can be a relatively simple and effective way in order to avoid prostatitis and its particular urinary system diseases, but don't forget to never keep urinate after drinking water, otherwise it will easily cause urine to flow back into the prostate and induce inflammation.

2. Develop good eating routine, less spicy food, no alcoholism; eat more fresh fruit and veggies, eat more beans and whole-grain foods, that is great for the healthiness of the prostate.

3. Pay attention to keep clean, male friends should develop the habit of taking a bath and changing clothes. In particular, it is crucial to spotlight the hygiene with the private parts. If the foreskin is too long, it's always best to wash it frequently so as to not result in the bacterial virus to enter through the urethra and affect the prostate, thereby inducing inflammation.

4. Appropriate physical exercise can improve your own immunity. Work is busy, but men in addition need take time to appropriate activities, remember to never sit awlays, it might easily cause prostate congestion, reduce immunity and vunerable to infection; as well as excessive masturbation or sexual life is likely to make the prostate long-term hyperemia. And it is easy to induce infection.

5. Pay attention to the treating other genitourinary diseases, for the reason that organs of the genitourinary system interact physiologically and pathologically. If all of the organs next to the prostate have inflammation, it is simple to induce prostatitis, so that it gives creedence to the inflammation of other organs. This way is also a measure to avoid prostatitis. For acute inflammation, patients can pick antibiotics for treatment within the guidance of drug susceptibility test; for chronic inflammation, TCM without side effects might be selected for comprehensive conditioning, including diuretic anti-inflammatory pills, they have function of heat-clearing, diuretic Tonglin and promoting the circulation of blood and removing blood stasis. It can prevent the deterioration and spread from the disease.

Prostatitis prevention measures In many details with the life in the entity, male friends only need to do a passable job in health and develop good habits. Generally, the possibility of infection with prostatitis is really a lot lower. Of course, for patients who had been unfortunately have contracted prostatitis, active therapy is very important. You can decide the above-mentioned antibiotics or Chinese medicine like diuretic anti-inflammatory pills, that's also effective for prostatitis. wish men health!


What is the reason behind cystitis?

Acute cystitis is principally a result of Escherichia coli, but isn't a result of Gram-positive aerobic bacteria. Generally speaking, women are more vunerable to cystitis than men, and infections often occur in the urethra to the bladder. It is important to realize that children may also be have been infected with adenovirus and cause hemorrhagic cystitis.

The induction of cystitis is additionally more, all of the factors that will destroy the standard antibacterial ability in the bladder mucosa, change the normal tissue structure of the bladder wall and suited to bacterial retention, growth and reproduction can induce cystitis. It can be infected by ascending infection, descending infection, local direct infection as well as other ways. At the same time, experiencing cystitis can even be passed to some partner, women are inclined to cause gynecological inflammation, men are inclined to cause prostatitis.

Therefore, having the main the signs of cystitis is vital for timely control from the condition and treatment. Cystitis usually causes frequent urination, urgency, burning sensation and dysuria during urination; urine is turbid, some patients have macroscopic hematuria; patients may have stun with pain inside parts of pelvis; women could have abnormal vaginal discharge, male could have abnormal secretions from the urethra and swelling with the penis.

if patients with neurocystitis, they can have abnormal bladder innervation or persistent indwelling catheters that could have no find until they are severely infected or suddenly high fever. Usually that is More serious.


Three therapy for Prostatitis by self.

Although the incidence of prostatitis inside the male human population is high, many patients are not comfortable with the treatment and health measures of prostatitis. Therefore, it is rather necessary for us to briefly describe the self-therapy of prostatitis to master three measures.

1. Warm prostate.

Patients with prostatitis often have tensions within the prostate in addition to their local tissues because of inflammatory reactions, especially within the muscle groups near the prostate. Therefore, we are able to warm prostate to relax the long-term tight prostate muscles.

Warm to mild stimulatio that can not only decrease the symptoms of patients, but in addition have a very certain auxiliary effect on the procedure of diseases. In our normal life, we are able to sit in domestic hot water to attain warmth for that prostate. Of course, it's also possible to use some heat-generating articles such as a tepid to warm water bag to your specific part. This warm prostate method is also most effective prostatitis of self-therapy that we are able to successfully use it within our normal life. 2. Lifestyle adjustment

In normal life, prostatitis of patients likewise require condition and health care from all of aspects. Usually try and maintain personal hygiene, attempt to lessen the local friction around the prostate, in order to avoid the cold with the prostate, so do a great job of warmth. Secondly, in the event the patient has a habit of keeping urinate, then don't keep urinate during the procedure in the disease. For patients with personal habits of smoking and drinking, it's always best to give up smoking and alcohol, that is conducive to actively treating diseases and minimizing the course from the disease.

3. The way of prostate massage.

In addition to the above simple self-therapy, we recommend prostatitis patients to massage the prostate, of course, in contrast to the first sort measures, this prostate massage is a lot more complicated, if you are certainly not sure that you can do well, then you can go towards the hospital to learn underneath the guidance of an physician, and master the way of massage prostate immediately. In general, the most frequent prostate massage method we use today would be to enter in the anus and massage from the rectum, so ahead of the massage, your cleaning work as well as the level of hygiene should be done well.


What's wrong with testicular pain? 4 reasons of testicular pain.

Many male friends in everyday life may have testicular pain. Some males are mainly symptoms of acute congestive pain, mostly regarding trauma; and several these are chronic continuous pain, following the activity Aggravated. Why do mankind has testicular pain and which are the specific issues that cause testicular pain?

There are four reasons that face men with testicular pain:

1. Testicular pain brought on by orchitis. Mumps may be complicated by testicular infection, causing inflammation with the testicles. Patients often show testicular pain and swelling. The cause of testicular pain a result of orchitis could also have gonorrhea. Gonorrhea may be the highest incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. It causes orchitis and results in swelling in the testicles. In addition, the individual features a good chronic prostatitis, inflammation is not eliminated, it's quite possible that inflammation prolongs your balls causing testicular pain, along with the pain is usually manifested as dull pain or pulling pain.

2. Testicular pain due to testicular torsion. Testicular torsion can take place from the all age. It may be the most common in acute scrotum. The cause of testicular torsion will probably are already strenuous exercise or external force in a mans testicles within the previous hours. In another case, when individuals are sleep, the testicle is in a relaxed state, of course, if people start, the testicles will be squeezed and twisted. According to previous media reports, a 15-year-old boy in Wuhan caused a serious right-hand testicular 720-degree torsion due to improper turning. Eventually, as a result of the lack of timely treatment, the blood flow was blocked. The necrotic testicle must be removed. and also the boy ended up tolerating the testicles pain before he attended hospital.

3. Testicular pain brought on by testicular damage. The testicles are highly active inside the scrotum this will let you tough leucorrhea protection, so clonal injuries rarely occur.

4. Testicular ischemic pain. Testicular ischemic pain is usually caused in the elderly, and also the pain will likely be aggravated during activity, relieved at rest, and testicular with ischemic pain could be due to arteriosclerosis that lead to arterial stenosis, and a lot from the pain are unilateral lesions. If the unilateral testicular pain is progressively aggravated, as well as the color Doppler ultrasound points too the testicular blood flow is insufficient, the diagnosis may be confirmed.

If the severe testicular pain that face men is still ineffective after symptomatic treatment, patients can consider resection with the affected side from the testicle. However, although the excision with the affected side of testicular is effectively control the testicular pain, it affects the reproductive ability of males who may have not given birth.


Learning these 5 points to make prostatitis far away from you.

Prostatitis is a kind of male disease, and several guys have headaches because of it. In order to avoid it, the easiest way is usually to prevent it before it happen. Let's learn how to prevent men struggling with prostatitis today. How to avoid prostatitis?

1, avoid spicy stimulation, avoid alcohol.

Frequent use of spicy and stimulating food may cause the damp heat within the male body to improve sharply, which in turn causes swelling and swelling in the prostate. It affects normal urination, so men should avoid eating chili, curry, mustard, and mutton within their daily lives. Alcohol also offers a stimulating influence on the prostate, which can also cause prostate congestion and affect normal urination, so it is recommended to never are drinking alcoholic beverages.

2, limit the intake of fat and cold food.

Studies have demostrated how the more high-fat foods eat, the greater the chance of suffering from prostatitis. High-fat foods may cause a great deal of harm to your body, and that means you must control its intake. As a cold and irritating food, cold food may cause a man prostate to contract, leading to poor circulation of urine. Men are advised to not eat some cold drinks and cold food.

3, get plenty of fluids.

Urine can wash the urethra, help excretion of prostate secretions, and prevent the occurrence of repeated infections.

Therefore, patients with prostatitis should drink more water and urinate more. It can be very helpful for illnesses. You can also eat more diuretic foods in your daily life. It can also be important to note that to maintain the type of the stool, constipation can be very unfavorable for your condition.

4, the correct quantity of vitamin C, vitamin E.

The using its anti-oxidation and molecular can improve symptoms. The choice of vegetables are melon, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, radish, leeks, bitter gourd, cabbage, kelp etc.

5, take note of selenium and zinc.

Selenium and zinc are crucial and short minerals within the blood of patients. Selenium is definitely an antioxidant that prevents cells from undergoing oxidative damage and causing the development of cancerous tumors. Zinc is the one other mineral which is concentrated inside prostate. Scientists believe it may regulate your metabolism of testosterone inside prostate, and research has confirmed that testosterone imbalance may cause prostate tumor growth.


be cautious! the 5 high-risk for prostatitis.

Prostate disease is quite common in our adult male. The prostate can be a male-specific organ whose "state" is linked to the health of a guys life. According to statistics, prostate disease has become one of the very most prominent diseases that plague men. More than 50% of males have been affected by prostatitis at least inside their lifetime. Although unhealthy lifestyle makes men's prostate disease of incidence extremely high, have you any idea that prostate disease is additionally associated with occupation?

1. the driving force is vulnerable to prostate disease.

Statistics lately show which a significant proportion of prostatitis patients are car drivers, especially long-haul passengers, freight and taxi drivers. This is for the reason that the trucker is being placed in the seat for a long time, as well as the energy should be highly concentrated and cannot be relaxed. In addition to causing hassle and waist muscles, it creates a long-term pressure on the urinary tract, affecting circulation. The risk of cold and gastrointestinal inflammation increases, be responsible for bladder infections and recurrent attacks. In addition, drinking less water, hardly ever urinating, includes a direct impact on the urinary tract, it can also be simple to make prostatitis symptoms worse.

2. white-collar these are at high risk of prostate disease.

It is normal to go to work from nine at morning to through the night. It is typical by sitting for eight hours or maybe more every day. Sedentary and not enough exercise can hinder the circulation of blood and blood flow, which may easily result in congestion, swelling and inflammation in the prostate. Sitting for the sofa chair, the hips are deeply lying around the sofa, the stuffing inside cyst will constrict the scrotum, it can make the venous return poor, in order that the blood microcirculation in the male the reproductive system is blocked, the metabolism is slowed up, resulting in excretion Poor, long-term accumulation inside prostate, resulting in the occurrence of aseptic

prostatitis as well as other bacterial prostatitis. Second, with all the increasingly fierce social competition and also the accelerated pace of life, the work pressure of office workers is growing. Excessive stress and mental fatigue are cause of prostatitis.

3. male teachers can also be infected with prostate disease

Prostatitis does not come for silly, it must be related to personal behaviors. Sitting for a long time or standing for a long time can cause the prostate to be in an abnormal state, which could result in the disease to change after a while. For example, some young and middle-aged teachers are responsible for heavy teaching tasks, attending classes in the daytime, managing students, accompanying students to study at night, preparing lessons, correcting assignments, and sometimes writing teaching papers late at night. Lack of exercise brings about poor local microcirculation and chronic prostatitis. 4. the organization owner is contaminated with prostate disease

No appear form of boss, what indispensable is business entertainment.

They have entertainment everyday, uneven diet, excessive smoking, alcohol-induced prostate congestion, induce chronic prostatitis, urinary system diseases. And cigarettes have a great deal of co and other substances, which are more planning to affect prostate tissue, restrict normal nerve function, and aggravate prostate congestion, that is one of reason of prostate disease and decreased sexual function.

5. The prevalence of IT occupation is higher than other occupations.

According to reports, the actual IT workers and other mental workers use a lot of prostate problems, it may be declared patients with prostate disease is seen everywhere in IT workers. The main reason with this phenomenon is always that men often work overtime, lack of sleep, sedentary, staying up late, irregular life, unscientific diet, and deficiency of physical exercise. This results in a loss of body vitality, susceptible to prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, as well as prostate diseases.


Katere ginekološke bolezni so učinkovitejše s tradicionalno kitajsko medicino?

Katere ginekološke bolezni so učinkovitejše s tradicionalno kitajsko medicino? Zaradi pritiska življenja in dela ženske trpijo zaradi različnih ginekoloških bolezni, ki se ponavljajo in težko ozdravijo. Ali lahko te bolezni prilagodijo tradicionalna kitajska medicina?

V desetih ženskah je šest narodov, ki imajo ginekopatijo. To je predvsem zato, ker običajno ne posveča osebne higiene, spolno življenje je preveč pogosto in slabe prehrambene navade. Obstaja veliko ginekoloških bolezni, ki jih je mogoče prilagoditi s tradicionalno kitajsko medicino in učinek je boljši od drugih načinov.

1. Bolniki s kronično vnetno boleznijo v medenici. Kadar ženske trpijo zaradi kronične vnetne bolezni medeničnega dna, bodo v spodnjem delu trebuha boleče bolečine ali bolečine. Še posebej med menstruacijo lahko poslabša bolečine, poveča menstrualni volumen, podaljša menstruacijo ali celo neplodnost. V tem času lahko kitajska medicina klistir ali peroralno dobro vpliva na to bolezen.

2.Ponavljajoči splav. Ponavljajoči splav se večinoma nanaša na dejstvo, da je otrok noseči manj kot 28 tednov in je naravno rojen. Če je več kot dva zaporedna čase, se imenuje ponavljajoči splav. Pacienti lahko uporabljajo kitajsko medicino za poživitev Qi in hranljive ledvice. To zdravljenje je varnejše za mater in zarodek

3.Funkcionalna krvavitev maternice. Funkcionalna krvavitev maternice se v glavnem nanaša na nepravilno krvavitev pri ženskah. To je ponavadi posledica disfunkcije jajčnika. Tradicionalna kitajska medicina meni, da lahko fizično pomanjkanje žensk, stagnacijo qi in stagnacijo krvi zdravimo s tradicionalno kitajsko medicino, ki je sposobna izboljšati ženske spolne hormone in ublažiti problem funkcionalne krvavitve maternice.

4.Iregularna menstruacija. Ženske nepravilne menstruacije se večinoma nanašajo na kratki ali dolgi menstruacijski ciklus, menstrualni volumen, menstrualno barvo, menstrualni vonj so nenormalni. Tradicionalna kitajska medicina temelji predvsem na individualnem položaju bolnikov z drugačno obravnavo. Lahko doseže cilj koren te bolezni.

5.Dismenoreja. Dysmenoreja se večinoma nanaša na ženske pred menstruacijo, imajo nižjo trebušno bolečino, ki je nevzdržna. Če je stanje resno, se lahko pojavi navzea in bruhanje ali celo omedlevica, ki vplivata na vsakodnevno delo in življenje. Bolniki lahko izberejo zdravilo za lajšanje. Ampak, če bolniki prenehajo uporabljati zdravilo, se bo ta bolezen ponovno pojavila. Tradicionalna kitajska medicina se lahko prilagodi toniziranju ledvic, segrevanja poldnevnika in odstranjevanju krvne staze za uravnavanje, na splošno lahko doseže dobre rezultate.

6.Klimatski sindrom. Sindrom menopavze se navadno pojavlja pri srednjih osebah, starejših od 50 let. To je predvsem simptom, ki ga povzročajo endokrine motnje. Bolniki se bodo pojavili zardevanje, razdražljivost, amenoreja in nočno potenje. Skozi kitajsko medicino za dopolnitev ženske ledvice in Qi in krvi, Da bi dosegli namen, ki nimajo bolezni v menopavzi.

Če ima ženska ginekopatijo, ki je omenjena zgoraj, lahko izbere tradicionalno kitajsko medicino za oživitev. Vendar morajo izbrati redno kitajsko medicinsko kliniko, ki preprečuje prekomerno uporabo drog, kar poslabša breme za jetra in ledvice. Fuyan tabletka je čista formula kitajske medicine, lahko zdravi vse vrste ginekoloških bolezni, ne povzroča odpornosti na zdravila, odpornost na zdravila. pri uporabi tradicionalne kitajske medicine zdravljenja, pacienti potrebujejo pozornost na življenje, ne smejo ostati pozno, paziti na osebno higieno, nadzirati število spolnega življenja, se izogibati spolnim motnjam.


Način izogibanja prezgodnji ejakulaciji

Predčasna ejakulacija je ena najpogostejših bolezni pri moških spolnih motnjah. V zadnjih letih se je pojavnost te bolezni povečala in mlajša, mnogi moški prijatelji pa so zamudili priložnost uživati ​​v seksu. Glede na dejstvo, da je prezgodnja ejakulacija mlajša in mlajša, je tesno povezana z njihovimi življenjskimi navadami. Glavni razlogi za analizo kitajske medicinske klinike Wuhan Li Xiaopinga so naslednji: 1.excessive in prezgodnja masturbacija vodi do prezgodnje ejakulacije. ko fantje v starosti od 12 do 16 let, še vedno v fazi rasti in razvoja, prekomerne masturbacije in prehodne ejakulacije, bodo privedli do velikega števila izgubljenih hormonov, ki so potrebni za rast in razvoj. Mladostniki, ki so doživeli masturbacijo, imajo pogosto impulzivnost pri prvem seksualnem stiku, vendar ne morejo dobiti erekcije. Tudi če so postavljeni, je erekcija šibka in kmalu prezgodnja ejakulacija. Preveč pogostost, prehitro, pretirano masturbiranje lahko skrajša čas spolnih refleksov, kar povzroča običajno prezgodnjo ejakulacijo. V tem primeru mora bolnik takoj zapustiti masturbacijo. 2. druge psihološke in družbene dejavnike, ki jih povzroča prezgodnja ejakulacija. zunanji dejavniki, kot so določeni družbeni pojavi, živčni medosebni odnosi, prekomerno delo in študijski pritisk ter drugi nezdrave dejavnike, ki spodbujajo človeška čutila, lahko povzročijo živčne impulze, del živčnih impulzov, ki jih posamezniki dosežejo cerebralno skorjo. Ko se zavedajo, povzročajo zapletene psihološke reakcije, ki lahko pogosto povzročijo prezgodnjo ejakulacijo pri mladostnikih 3. duševni stres: razen pri pomanjkanju spolnih izkušenj, če ni pogosto spermatorija in prekomerna masturbacija, ki vodi do prezgodnje ejakulacije, potem se s semenom akumulira v telesu. Katera je posledica izločanja spolnih organov v telesu. Seme doseže določeno količino, skupaj s svojo punco vznemirjenje v tistem času, in zavrtje podaljšanega libida ni odzračeno, je lahko povzročiti prezgodnjo ejakulacijo. To je kot polivanje bencina na suhem lesa in pekoča, ko se sreča z Marsu. Ker so tesnoba in prezgodnja ejakulacija urejeni s simpatičnim živčevjem, lahko duševni stres povzroči tudi prezgodnjo ejakulacijo, ki vpliva na simpatične živce. Bolniki morajo zmanjšati stres, sprostiti in okrepiti vadbo.


to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease by exercises.

  There are various ways to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease: food therapy, drug therapy, surgery and so on. Generally speaking, sports are the most economical and practical way. It doesn't cost money, but it needs perseverance. Next, let’s take the following step to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease.

 1. Transverse crotch. Stand naturally, breathe evenly and relax all over the body. Then put your hands on the left and right sides of the crotch. Drive the crotch to lateral twist motion in the direction of left, front, right, rear and left. For every beat of a circle, there are two eight shots. Then let the crotch repeat the reverse motion in the opposite direction. In the right, front, left, rear and right directions, do two eight shots.

 2. Lateral torsional span. Keep your body straight, breathe naturally, relax your body, and put your hands on both sides of your hips. Drive the crotch to the left, right, left to twist back and forth, twist a beat, a total of four eight beat.

 3. Abdominal breathing. The body is naturally straight and can lie flat or sit flat, breathe naturally and relax. When doing abdominal breathing exercises, when inhaling, the lower abdomen should be adducted, and the pudendum should be tightened inward. As you exhale, your lower abdomen bulges outward, so you exhale and inhale, one breath in one beat, four eight beats in total.

4. Massage the abdomen. Keep your body straight, breathe evenly and relax all over the body. Hold your hands on both sides of your lower abdomen and massage your pubic bones. Massage one beat at a time. Make four eight beats.

 5. Pat the small abdomen. From the perspective of pelvic health care, abdominal exercise is helpful to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease. Keep your body well, breathe evenly and relax all over. The hands alternate to gently pat the abdominal position, force to moderate, not too violent, each beat for a beat, a total of four eight.

 6. Gently knead the navel. The body is naturally upright and can sit or lie supine, breathe evenly and relax all over the body. The palms of both hands overlap on the navel, then massage clockwise direction, massage a circle for a rhythm, a total of two eight beats, and then massage counterclockwise two eight beats. 


4 tips for you to prevent vaginitis in hot weather.

   people is easy to infect bacteria in hot weather. so female friends must have knowledge of preventing bacteria. such as, vaginitis.  Don't wait until you suffer from this disease. Here is four tips.

1, adequate sleep.

Make sure you have enough sleep every day, don't stay up late, otherwise it will reduce your body's resistance to disease. Pay attention to the frequency of sexual life, the number of sexual life is more than three times a week, the incidence of urinary tract infections is greatly increased. the number of sexual life of times is need reduce in special stages of in summer.

2, cleaning order Frequently.

clean the vulva and anus, pay attention to the order of cleaning, wash the vulva and then wash the anus, do not reverse the way; towels and basins must be dedicated, otherwise bacteria can easily invade the urethra.

 3, vulva lotion.  

Female friends must purchase regular manufacturers' products to prevent inferior products from damaging the normal flora and reducing local resistance. When purchasing sanitary napkins, pay attention to the quality of the product. It should not be stored for a long time to avoid bacterial growth and cause vulvar and vaginal infection. When there is genital itching, the symptoms of leucorrhea, they should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

4. Wash your hands often.

The investigation found that human of hands contain a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, such as chlamydia and mycoplasma, which can invade the urethra to cause infection. so it is also important to develop good hygiene habits. 


What is chronic cystitis in man?

   Cystitis is a common disease in the urinary system. mostly caused by urinary tract infection. When acute cystitis is not completely cured, it is easy to form chronic cystitis. It refers to a secondary inflammation or chronic inflammation of the upper urinary tract. The most typical symptoms are frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, and even urinary incontinence. There may be hematuria and pyuria.  Male patients need to exclude penile head dermatitis and prostate seminal vesiculitis; female patients should exclude urethritis, urethral diverticulum, and bladder swelling. Out, vaginitis and urethral opening of the hymen umbrella or fusion.

Chronic cystitis may be a rare complication due to the proliferation of the lamina propria of the bladder mucosa and the extensive fibrous tissue of the muscular layer, resulting in decreased bladder capacity and inflammatory bladder contracture. For the treatment of chronic cystitis, it is not only to improve the urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, etc., but also need to start the treatment of chronic cystitis pathogen.

  Such as Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, Pusococcus is a common pathogen causing cystitis, so chronic cystitis is often secondary to pyelonephritis, kidney tuberculosis, prostatitis, urinary calculi and other diseases. Therefore, in the treatment of chronic cystitis, it is necessary to rule out the presence of diverticulum, stones, foreign bodies or tumors. Therefore, it is more accurately treat.

    it is easy to repeat again. Patients need drink more water, urinate frequently, do not keep urinate, a large amount discharge of urination can promote the discharge of bacteria and reduce bacterial growth in the urinary tract. 

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