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Can cystitis be given to our children and grandchildren?

Cystitis is a type of disease among male friends. In our lives, many men suffer from cystitis, however they don't understand what is cystitis, what can cause cystitis. Therefore, a lot of men are puzzled by cystitis. This disease is just not forwarded to generations to come,  there are many reasons for cystitis in following.

One from the factors behind cystitis: male friends suffering from urinary infections such as: seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, orchitis, prostatitis, causing man experience cystitis.

The second cause of cystitis: on account of men's irregular sexual life, sexual every day life is too frequent in everyday life, excessive masturbation, deliberately prolonged time and not ejaculation and other bad habits, resulting in congestion inside male epididymis, thereby inducing men to develop bladder inflammation.

The third reason behind cystitis: men develop undesirable habits in everyday life, such as abusive drinking, smoking, eating spicy food, long-distance cycling, sedentary instead of exercising. Such behaviors could also cause harmful substances in the male body, that causes men to develop cystitis.

Cystitis is not given to future generations. I hope that from the introduction in the article, folks have a knowledge of cystitis and they also are able to do well in preventing cystitis. When people find they do not feel well, they need to head to hospital for examination and treatment. They are no need to have too much pressure. Diuretic anti-inflammatory pills are pure Chinese medicine formula, that may treat cystitis perfectly.


Mostly tubal blockage originate from inflammation of fallopian tube.

The fallopian tube plays a huge role in female fertility. It is the necessary passage for nurturing new life, and it's also another place for combining sperm and eggs. Once the fallopian tube is blocked, it is possible to cause female infertility.

The fallopian tube is tubular. The two tubes are one at right along with other at left. Each one is 8-15 cm long. Fallopian tube has two openings: the inner opening is found in the uterine cavity from the uterus, known as the "fallopian tube - uterine ostium"; the outer opening is located in the abdominal cavity, called "fallopian tube - abdominal cavity". Most in the fallopian tube blockage is due to inflammation.

The fallopian tube as well as the ovary are adjacent, and once the inflammation affects the ovaries, causing impaired ovarian function, it is going to affect menstruation. In addition, it could cause ectopic pregnancy, abdominal discomfort, frequent urination, dysuria, constipation, diarrhea, painful intercourse and vaginal bleeding. Among these conditions, ectopic pregnancy is easily the most bad for women.

Under normal circumstances, as soon as the sperm enters the uterine cavity, it will swim to the fallopian tube, fulfill the egg in fallopian tube and complete the insemination. After the fertilized egg moves to the uterine cavity and develops right into a fetus. If the fallopian tube is narrow or blocked, it's going to customize the normal walking from the fertilized egg. sometimes, the fertilized egg could be implanted beyond your uterine cavity, that is ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy usually takes place when the fallopian tube is just not smooth or distorted. The light might cause the fallopian tube to be completely blocked. In severe cases, there may bring about bleeding as well as life-threatening.

In clinic and surgery, the most frequent reason behind tubal blockage is inflammation. For example, the organs at the fallopian tube have inflammation, which could easily cause tubal infection, which results in congestion, edema, and intrauterine adhesions in the fallopian tubes, which might eventually cause blockage of the fallopian tubes. Therefore, patients should pay focus on treatment, Fuyan pill have good effect on tubal blockage.


What are treating chronic cervicitis?

Gynecological diseases usually cause great injury to women's health. The more common you are cervicitis. If cervicitis isn't treated for some time, it will cause chronic cervicitis. At this time, chronic cervicitis will cause more dangerous damage to the female body. However, many patients don't pay attention to lifestyle, Causing the illnesses to repeat, long-term not cure. This following is general strategy to cervicitis in daily life.

1. Self-therapy.

First, you'll be able to heat the palm of your hand; then push down small abdomen using your palms more than once, then massage the interior of the thigh repeatedly with your palm. It is noting that the painful part should be kneaded many times until you will find there's a sense heat; lastly it is possible to use palm of your respective hand knead the lumbosacral portion prior to the heat spread to lessen abdomen.

2. diet method.

 Purslane lean broth: 250 grams of lean pork, 30 grams of purslane and Semen Euryales. Wash the purslane, Semen Euryales, and pork lean meat, position them to the pot together, atart exercising . water, boil the fire, and change to low heat for two hours, seasoning for usage. It has the consequences of getting rid of heat and detoxifying and dampness and stopping the band, and is also suitable for damp-heat type acute cervicitis.

Quail soup : 1 fat and tender (weight about 100g), 30 grams of coix seed, 12 grams of cork, 6 grams of Atractylodes. Slaughter fat and tender quail, remove feather and bodily organs, wash the coix seed and fry until slightly yellow, clean cork, Atractylodes. Put all the ingredients to the pot, then add water, and boil over low heat approximately a couple of hours. Season and serve. It has the effects of getting rid of heat and detoxifying and diuresis, and is ideal for damp-heat type acute cervicitis.

 Houttuynia pig lung soup: 60 grams of fresh cordate houttuynia, pig lungs about 200 grams, the quantity of salt. Cut the pig's lungs into pieces, squeeze them personally to eliminate the foam, then add water to create soup, season with a little salt. It has the result of getting rid of heat and detoxification and it is suitable for acute cervicitis.

How can we determine if the seminal vesiculitis is cured?

The occurrence of seminal vesiculitis can often be together with prostatitis, which is also a disease rich in risk and high incidence in male diseases. Patients with abdominal pain and blood essence as the main symptoms, affecting normal life, but additionally indirectly bring about infertility by affecting the quality of semen, so patients need timely treatment. just how will we know if seminal vesiculitis is cured? In fact, The cure of seminal vesiculitis  as symptoms disappear.

The intent behind treating diseases is to remove the signs of the condition, as well because management of seminal vesiculitis. In clinical treatment, there are lots of treating seminal vesiculitis, for example oral antibiotics, or take Chinese herbal medicine like diuretic anti-inflammatory pills, the primary purpose is to remove the symptoms.

In true of oral antibiotic treatment, patients should select sensitive drugs for treatment beneath the guidance of drug susceptibility test, which may reduce drug resistance. After the symptoms disappear, which indicates that the drug has a therapeutic effect. Considering the therapy is easy to relapse, patients who have no symptoms still must continue make drug for 1-2 weeks to consolidate treatment. If patients oral Chinese herbal medicine, such as, diuretic anti-inflammatory pills, after using the symptoms disappeared, most patients have already recovered. Of course, to be able to consolidate the consequence, some patients will continue to consolidate a course of treatment.

The disappearance of symptoms is a standard for solution of seminal vesiculitis. in order to avoid recurrence, patients need to continue make drug for 1-2 weeks. this ought to be especially noted in Western medicine. If patients desire a strict result, they are able to review after the symptoms disappear. At this time, when the red blood cells, white blood cells, and bacterial cultures are negative, it really is complete cured.


Diet treatment for patients with cystitis.

The biggest factor cause weakening of bladder is "cold". The reason why lots of women have problems with cystitis is to eat more foods that make the body cold, including eating fruits, lettuce sand salad, juice, and frozen goodies or cakes containing plenty of sugar, and since they're fearful of an excessive amount of salt, Eating foods that have almost no salt, on account of insufficient salt, which promotes the body's cold.

Although the incidence of cystitis in men is much lower than in women, but it is often more serious in males. Generally speaking, males are weaker than females inside their power to synthesize protein, so they really must eat animal foods appropriately. Actually, these are more inclined to consume animal foods than women. However, when men's dietary status are excessive drinking, that is prone to cold in blader and  vulnerable to cystitis.

Getting enough fresh juice will work for those who eat more meat. Because fruit can prevent the body from overheating, it may also promote the excretion of waste and toxins inside the blood. it is best to utilize tropical fruits abundant in enzymes. like, mango and papaya. However, individuals who don't like you can eat animal foods originally, and those that like to eat light food and white rice, take the same method of eating (drinking tropical fruits), it has the opposite effect.

Cystitis is basically uncomfortable. But people will use herbs to alleviate its symptoms. Quzhou Prunella (Panicle part), spinach (root), and valerian are common famous folk herbs. When people utilize it, they take 20 grams of dried product in a serving pot. After boiling in water, the consequence is good.


woman are able to use Garlic treat vaginitis, but not to ones with pudendal ulceration.

Vaginitis is the most common type of gynecological disease. Many patients with vaginitis also think it is not just a severe illness. They use garlic boil with water to take care of vaginitis. which is a relatively popular method and easy, nevertheless for patients who wish to use this way of treatment, they should remind this approach is not suitable for woman with genital ulceration. It will make this condition worse.

The principle of treatment with garlic.

Garlic can be a well-recognized positive thing. Whether it is through the perspective of Chinese medicine or Western medicine, garlic has certain drug effects. For example, In chinese medicine, it's the effects of warming, digesting, and warming the spleen and stomach. In Western medicine, Allicin in garlic has good bactericidal and anti-cancer effects. The reason why using garlic to treat vaginitis is to use its bactericidal effect, which can eliminate the bacterial virus that causes vaginitis. The specific usage is usually to peel the garlic and chop it, you can add boiling water to prepare, and wash the vulva with garlic juice 2-3 times per day.

Woman with pudendal ulcers avoid the use of garlic to deal with vaginitis.

Although garlic boiled water can begin to play some role in vaginitis, it isn't suited to patients with genital ulceration and broken skin. Due to increased secretions, when the female private parts are not well cleaned right now, the pants are too tight and airtight, you can easily appear skin ulceration, then if you utilize garlic to boil water to wash the vulva, only Increase the level of ulceration.

Garlic boiled water for stopping vaginitis that can just help.

In addition towards the ulceration can't use garlic boiled water for treatment, friends should also understand that garlic boiled water to take care of vaginitis, on account of limited sterilization, it are only able to be used being an adjuvant treatment. For vaginitis, patients are better to actively use drugs for treatment, for example vaginal suppositories, antibiotics or Chinese medicine for example Fuyan pills, which can be widely used drugs for that treating vaginitis.

Through the aforementioned introduction, everybody can view the principle of garlic treatments for vaginitis and why the garlic boiled water treatment aren't used for your with vaginal ulcers. This ways will use in early state. If woman have been in the chronic phase, they are able to choose Chinese herbal medicine such as Fuyan Pill. Then they can completely remove the disease.


For aseptic prostatitis, how should patients do health care?

Aseptic prostatitis usually occurs at the start of the redness of the prostate. It is a result of many reasons. In the early stage, the symptoms aren't obvious and the patient almost no sense it. In the later stages. it becomes more and more serious, and often it affects normal life. At this time, the patient doesn't have tense, because aseptic prostatitis is relatively all to easy to cure, so long as the individual actively cooperates while using doctor for treatment, many of them are cure quickly. However, patients should avoid using antibiotics by self-treating. Because antibiotic are unable to treat aseptic prostatitis.

Antibiotics and antiviral prescription medication is no obvious impact on aseptic prostatitis. There is no perfect plan for treatment, but it doesn't mean that aseptic prostatitis is incurable. Health and treatment over the following aspects are viewed to experience a good effect:

1. During the treatment period. the person should appropriately reduce the quantity of sexual life or masturbation, if necessary, suspend sexual life, in order to get better treatment results.

2. Perineal massage. two times a day in the morning and evening do perineal massage, whenever about ten minutes, this may increase the blood circulation from the prostate, it should be noted how the massage does not need to be overweight, massage until prostate is heat.

3. Do more exercise. it can increase the body's immunity. And it is beneficial to physical and mental health. It can improve blood flow in the prostate, and improve its balance of yin and yang.

4. Pay attention to a well-balanced diet. eat more vegatables and fruits, nutritious, fasting tobacco, alcohol and spicy things.

5. Establish confidence in healing and determination to battle a protracted war.

6. Drink plenty of water, do not keep urinate, water is the greatest medicine.

7. Chinese medicine conditioning. try different drugs and discover the one which suits for you personally condition. Generally speaking, for those who have taken 72 hours of herbal medicine, and also you doesn't have obvious improve, which means that this drugs are not too suitable for you, so you don't have to persist.

If patients have aseptic prostatitis, don't be overly nervous. The first thing they're able to do would be to perform a prostate massage, especially for patients that are unmarried or separated. Regular prostate massage can relieve the accumulated prostate fluid and eliminate it. And it also can eliminate local inflammation, alleviate the symptoms of the disease. It is best to get a weekly massage for 4-8 weeks.


What should woman do when they have cervicitis?

Female cervicitis mainly includes cervical erosion, cervical cyst, cervical mucositis. Female cervical mucosa can be a single-layer squamous epithelium with poor anti-infective ability, that's vulnerable to infection, leading to cervix hemorrhage, erosion, burning pain, swelling. The main clinical symptoms are leucorrhea, leucorrhea with blood or yellow purulent, sexual intercourse bleeding, Vaginal itching and pain. If you have cervical erosion for a long time and so are stimulated by inflammation, it could be have contracted HPV, that is the most reason for cervititis.

Treatment of cervicitis should start with treatment and inhibition of recurrence. In particular, patients with cervical erosion must first get rid of the erosion surface and eliminate inflammation; secondly, activate cellular matrix to regenerate the cervical mucosa; third, build an immune mechanism in order to avoid recurrence of erosion or inflammation.

So, how to treat cervicitis specifically? The widely used methods in clinical practice mostly are antibiotic treatment, physiotherapy and surgical procedure. However, long-term use of antibiotics will destroy into your xafs of beneficial bacteria by the body processes, easily cause unwanted organisms to generate antibodies and modify the therapeutic effect, and may even accelerate the reproduction of harmful bacteria and aggravate the trouble.

Physical therapy and surgery like laser, microwave, ultraviolet, electric iron, LEEP knife, etc., it is easily stimulate the cervical mucosa, damage the top cells from the cervical mucosa, and easily cause imbalance of cervical function.

they can try green Chinese medicine treatment, like Chinese medicine Fuyan pills. It is really a pure Chinese herbal preparation, comes with a ancient formula. it doesn't damage the liver and kidney in the body of a human and has no unwanted effects on the body of a human. Although the treatment time is fairly long as opposed to runners, it is safer than antibiotics, and quite a few patients are completely cure.


How to distinguish prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis?

Many patients are confused with prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis. Although prostatic hyperplasia is quite much like chronic prostatitis in early stage, these are two different diseases. What are the signs and symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis? How to distinguish between prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis?

Prostatic hyperplasia can be a hyperplasia in the prostate that oppresses the prostatic urethra or affects the bladder urethral obstruction. Patients have the signs of frequent urination and dysuria. The prostate is divided into two layers, the inner layer will be the mucosa across the urethra as well as the submucosal gland; the outer layer will be the prostate related. The pathology of prostatic hyperplasia is primarily the prostatic hyperplasia with the inner layer. The prostate matrix forms multiple fibromuscular nodules and stimulates the proliferation of prostatic epithelial cells, eventually forming a matrix adenoma to compress the urethra along with the prostate related. Prostatic hyperplasia occurs mostly in older men.

Chronic prostatitis is divided into bacterial chronic prostatitis and aseptic chronic prostatitis. Bacterial prostatitis is often a disease the location where the bacteria are retrogradely transurethral for the prostate to cause prostate edema and congestion. Aseptic prostatitis can be a disease in which the prostate retains inflammatory reactions including congestion and edema without pathogenic conditions. Regardless from the kind of chronic prostatitis, inflammation happens in the glands, and there is no glandular hyperplasia, and nodules appear. Chronic prostatitis occurs mostly in young adults.

There are two main clinical symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia, the first is bladder irritation; one other is urinary tract obstruction. Bladder irritation symptoms are mostly frequent urination, urgency, nocturia, and urge incontinence. Frequent urination is definitely an early signal of benign prostatic hyperplasia, specially the increase frequency in nocturia is much more clinically significant. The more variety of nocturia, the greater severe of hyperplasia. If the aged that do not use a night urine, 1 day he have frequent night urine, he ought to be alert to the possibility of prostatic hyperplasia. Obstructive symptoms are urination weakness, urinary line thinning and urine drip. Because the prostate hyperplasia obstructs the urinary tract, the patient should use more force to beat the potential to deal with urinating, and also the urinary line becomes thinner; since the disease progresses, there may be symptoms including interruption of urination and incomplete drainage after urination.

Chronic prostatitis can also cause bladder irritation. Such as frequent urination, urinary tract burning when urinating. Unlike prostatic hyperplasia, patients with chronic prostatitis could also be combined with pain and radiate towards the head from the penis during urination, along with bulging discomfort inside posterior urethra, perineum and anus. The pain is just not limited towards the urethral perineum but also towards the back.

Although prostatic hyperplasia happens in seniors. However, the younger generation also can develop prostatic hyperplasia, and benign prostatic hyperplasia is much like chronic prostatitis noisy . stage from the disease, and the age is more easily misdiagnosed as prostatitis. Prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis in addition to the difference in symptoms, anal finger examination and B-ultrasound might be effective to help identify. Prostatic hyperplasia can lead to shallowing in the central groove with the prostate. Chronic prostatitis generally doesn't make the central groove for being shallow, and the anus might be identified. And B-ultrasound can instruct hyperplasia from the prostate in patients with prostate hyperplasia, but chronic prostatitis of patietens generally no proliferative prostate.

In the treatment, prostate hyperplasia is especially addressed with surgery, and chronic prostatitis mainly uses long-term anti-inflammatory treatment. The treatment of chronic prostatitis with pure Chinese medicine preparation of diuretic anti-inflammatory pills is a useful one. Diuretic anti-inflammatory pills possess the effect of promoting the circulation of blood and removing blood stasis. By adjusting the physiology in the prostate, it help patients returns to normalcy.


What are hydrosalpinx of complications ?

Hydrosalpinx refers back to the fallopian tube caused by pathogen infection, in the event the acute phase of the fallopian tube inflammation don't receive timely and effective treatment, it'll form tubal empyema. After the inflammation subsides in fallopian tube, pus is gradually absorbed, and also the intracavitary effusion changes from purulent to serous, after which it forms hydrosalpinx.

Most of energy, hydrosalpinx is brought on by chronic salpingitis. Oviductal hydrops sometimes do not exist alone, it may accompany tubal adhesions, tubal blockage and also other symptoms. then what are complications of hydrosalpinx?

First, female infertility. It can be asserted hydrosalpinx is one in the important reasons of female infertility. Due towards the secretion of water in the fallopian tube, the surrounding tissue are simple to stick together. If the umbrella end of the fallopian tube is completely closed, the fallopian tube will become obstruction and result in conception. Even if it's not completely blocked, the hydrosalpinx will destroy the fallopian tube mucosa. The severe hydrosalpinx can even completely cause fallopian tube lose the normal function, resulting in the fallopian tube to reverse.

Second, ectopic pregnancy. When people are afflicted by hydrosalpinx, inflammatory secretions is likely to make the inner wall with the fallopian tube lubricious, which is not conducive towards the migration and passage from the fertilized egg. When the fertilized egg doesn't get to the uterus within little while. It can implant and develope inside the fallopian tube and other locations at night uterus.

Of course, this is actually the greatest two complications caused by the of hydrosalpinx. Tubal adhesions usually are not treated in time and cause other gynecological inflammation, like endometritis, ovarian inflammation, cervicitis. Therefore, patients should treat it aggressively. Fuyan Pill carries a good therapeutic relation to hydrosalpinx, and patients could choose it.


Preventive measures for endometrial hyperplasia.

There are three varieties of endometrial hyperplasia: simple hyperplasia, complex hyperplasia and atypical hyperplasia. This is a high-risk disease which has a certain tendency to cancer. Prevention of endometrial hyperplasia is essential for every woman. For the health of women, let us introduce the preventive measures for endometrial hyperplasia.

The specific pathogenesis of endometrial hyperplasia continues to be not so clear, however it is currently regarded as in connection with the long-term stimulation of estrogen. Therefore, prevention could be started from your following aspects:

1. Control your weight. The androstenedione secreted through the adrenal gland of obese women is changed into estrone through the action of aromatase in adipose tissue. The more adipose tissue, the stronger the transformation ability, the greater the amount of estrone in plasma. Then, endometrium is effected by persistent estrogen. But controlling weight isn't that people do not eat foods, just eat fruits, also is damaging to body. People need a reasonable dieting and exercise properly.

2. Active treat endocrine disorders. Such as polycystic ovary syndrome, can lead to non-ovulation phenomenon, long-term non-ovulation will also cause endometrial long-term effected by estrogen, inducing endometrial hyperplasia. if people have endocrine disorders diseases, they must also actively treat. Under the guidance of your doctor, they can choose appropriate hormone drugs, or choose Chinese medicine for treating.

3. Pay attention to the menstrual situation. If there are symptoms like irregular menstruation and irregular vaginal bleeding, as a way to treat this disease early, young people need to visit the hospital for examination. If everyone is diagnosed as endometrial hyperplasia and other gynecological inflammation, they could choose Chinese medicine. such as Fuyan pills, which have outcomes of anti-inflammatory, promoting blood flow and removing blood stasis. For a selection of gynecological inflammation and endometrial hyperplasia, it may have a great therapeutic effect.

4. Pay attention to emotional in way of life. For example, If people can maintain a happy mood, learn how to adjust mood, ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up all night, etc., then, people can prevent endocrine disorders, thereby preventing the endometrial hyperplasia. People of diet should light, consume less food you aren't eat irritating food, focus on keep warm, avoid cold stimulation, etc., these also are likely involved in prevention.

Although the cause of endometrial thickening is just not yet clear, providing people pay more attention to the above aspects, it may generally prevent the illness. For women who may have endometrial hyperplasia, they no need too anxious, maintain a good mentality and actively treat the sickness. including the Chinese medicine Fuyan pills. in the event the patient can stick to the doctor's advice, they're able to return to normal about 1-4 courses.


What is the difference between orchitis and epididymitis?

Orchitis and epididymitis are typical diseases in man. Adult orchitis is due to epididymitis directly spreading for the testicles or menstrual blood. The following are the actual differences between the two diseases.

The cause differs: orchitis is due to bacteria. It most caused by epididymitis directly spreading on the testicles. Acute orchitis in children is normally a result of mumps virus. Epididymitis is due towards the delayed urinary tract and bacterial infection, causing the bacteria to go in the epididymis with the vas deferens lumen.

Different inspection methods.

Orchitis: Orchitis is comparable to epididymitis, however the testicular redness isn't so obvious. It can be clearly seen the unilateral or bilateral testicular are swelling, people feel pain if press testicular, the scrotal skin can be obviously red and swollen, and there is a sense of heat.

Epididymitis: The patient's entire scrotum is red and hot, sensitive to touch, and burning when urinating. The scrotum is painful, however the symptoms are relieved when patients rest in bed.

Different types of care.

Orchitis: Because severe orchitis is simple to produce men lose fertility, doctors might use antibiotics and painkillers; patients likewise require cold compress on testicles. If patients of orchitis in acute phase is not treated properly, bacterial orchitis can build an abscess or evolve into chronic orchitis.

Epididymitis: Treatment of epididymitis should take appropriate antibiotics to help remedy acute pain; then cold compress on testicles, while patients should make testicles raised, they're able to utilize rolled away socks or medical gauze under testicles.


Can prostatitis be cured completely? Will it cause prostate type of cancer?

Can prostatitis be treated completely? Does prostatitis lead to prostate type of cancer? The relationship between prostatitis and cancer of the prostate can be a common question. Is there any correlation involving the two disease?

The exact reason behind prostate type of cancer remains to be unclear and might be associated with genetic changes. Changes in genes for example androgen receptor-related genes can result in a greater probability of prostate type of cancer; genetic changes could possibly be connected with environmental factors including diet. The more genetic changes, the more the likelihood of cancer of prostate. In a few cases, prostate type of cancer could be hereditary.

In addition to genetic factors, long-term inflammatory stimuli can also be a crucial predisposing factor for cancer. "Chronic hepatitis increases the likelihood of liver cancer. Chronic gastric ulcer and colitis also increase the risk of stomach cancer and colon cancer." Although chronic inflammation is one of the factors behind many tumors, there's no research to prove if people won't completely treat prostatitis that can cause prostate type of cancer.

Prostatitis has nothing related to prostate type of cancer, and yes it won't improve the incidence of prostate type of cancer. Prostatitis and prostate cancer have different causes. They are two different diseases. Various reasons behind congestion, especially passive congestion, pathogenic microbial infection, anxiety, depression, fear and also other adverse psychological factors have long-term stimulation, that happen to be considered to the main reasons behind prostatitis; as well as the cause of cancer of prostate just isn't very clear. It is generally thought to be in connection with genes and disorders from the metabolic balance of sex hormones.

So can prostatitis be completely cured? Of course! The formula of Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pills contains the effect of promoting circulation, getting rid of heat and detoxifying. The effect of eliminating heat and detoxifying can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria and eliminate inflammation. The effect of promoting the circulation of blood and removing blood stasis may make the blood in the prostate patency and tissue recovery activity. The symptoms of patients could be improved after 30 days of treatment, and prostatitis is cured in a couple of months.

And patients with prostatitis need to do some exercise after busy work. They should try to avoid tobacco, alcohol, coffee, spicy food to cut back the congestion of the prostate. Prostatitis will not lead to prostate cancer, patients no requirement to concern yourself with it.


How is the hydrosalpinx formed?

Hydrosalpinx, also called tubal effusion, describes a great deal of congestion and edema in the fallopian tube and fallopian tube contains a lot of liquid. Hydrosalpinx is a type of gynecological inflammation that produces menstrual disorders, abdominal pain, and long-term infertility. How is the hydrosalpinx formed?

First, caused by chronic fallopian tube of inflammation. Chronic fallopian tube inflammation will produce some inflammatory secretions. If the chronic salpingitis is not cured for some time, the umbrella end of the fallopian tube could be blocked by inflammation, and the leakage and exudate gradually accumulate within the tubal lumen.

Second, evolved from the fallopian tube empyema. The pus cells and necrotic tissues in the lumen are decomposed and cleared by phagocytic cells, and the pus gradually changed into a clear water. There are many people of hydrosalpinx not caused by inflammation from the fallopian tube, many people of hydrosalpinx due to tubal sterilization.

Hydrosalpinx, for young women, it is just not recommended to use the strategy of resection from the fallopian tube, they're able to utilize a drug with specific relation to the hydrosalpinx to ensure that can retain women's fertility, and does not affect Female normal hormonal levels. Fuyan pill is often a conservative traditional herbal medicine. It has good impact on this ailment.


The folk recipe to help remedy itching of vaginitis quickly.

Women with low immunity or long-term utilization of antibiotics are more likely to develop fungal vaginitis. Trichomonas vaginitis is normally a result of poor cleansing, and a few seniors, because of low levels of estrogen, cause poor resistance, could cause vaginal inflammation.

Treatment of vaginitis.

1. oral medications. Patients employed to treat it with antibiotics. But when people regularly apply it, it is going to reduce the body's immunity and form drug dependence. so people can not treat it with antibiotics for some time.

2. Topical lotion or vaginal rinse. You may feel great after vaginal rinse, but from then on, in the end you have symptoms. this technique are unable to cure this condition. It is only temporary relief. Long-term use could also cause imbalance of vaginal flora, causing repeated attacks of vaginitis.

Folk treatment.
30 grams of dried wormwood leaves to the water, boiled with high heat, cook for 10 or 15 minutes on low heat, filter off of the leaves following your fire is powered down, pour the juice into the pots or buckets, and Fumigated pudendal for 20 minutes. Finally, clean the vulva with warm water of wormwood.

Washing the genitals with water of wormwood carries a very good impact on various vaginitis, a lot of people can cure itchy just after using, and severe patients is going to take effect after 72 hours.

Vaginitis patients usually do that.

1. Wash your underwear separately. Do not put underwear and other clothes together to stop cross infection.

2. take note of good personal hygiene, clean genitals with tepid to warm water every single day, underwear should be changed frequently.

3. usually do not frequently use gynecological lotion, this will likely only cause acid-base imbalance, increase inflammation.

4. wearing loose cotton underwear. Tight chemical fiber underwear is not breathable, could make a nearby temperature and humidity increase, which are almost certainly to cause mold of growth.

5. look closely at public health. Do not use a public bath tub, toilet outside, stained is the most suitable to make use of paper towels before using.

To prevent cystitis, people need drink more water and hold less urine.

Cystitis is easily the most common disease in urinary system diseases. In many cases, you'll find burning pain inside the urinary tract, frequent urination, urgency of urination with difficult. The incidence of cystitis is incredibly high, perhaps there is anything good strategy to prevent it? In fact, the best and many effective method to prevent cystitis starts to drinking more water and less urine.

Drinking more water can boost the quantity of urine, that can make the bladder to be in a flushing state. If you have more urinate, it is possible to discharge the bacterial virus that enters the bladder, that will decrease the probability of bacteria in the bladder. It is extremely good method to prevent inflammation of bladder.

Holding urine helps to make the urine stay inside the bladder for years, rendering it an easy task to create opportunities for the reproduction of bacteria and raise the incidence of cystitis. At the same time, the urine will even make the bladder in a very filling state. If it is frequent, the bladder often In the filling state, the elasticity of the bladder wall is reduced, the baroreceptor is unresponsive, and the residual urine volume inside bladder after urination is increased, which can cause urinary retention.

In addition to drinking more water and holding less urine, individuals who want to stop cystitis need look closely at other details in everyday life, including, keep clean, bathe frequently and change underwear frequently; Before and after sex, individuals are better to urinate as soon as possible; other utis, like, urethritis, Antibiotics might be selected inside acute phase, oral Chinese medicine such as diuretic anti-inflammatory pills inside the chronic phase, It can help patients recover quickly.


Daily nursing for patients of endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a common disease in woman. this is a disease that endometrial tissues in growth appear in other regions from the uterine cavity. This disease of symptoms in clinic, including, progressive dysmenorrhea, infertility, menorrhagia, painful intercourse, etc. patients of this disease should treat it timely and pay more attention to do cares. What cares should they do?

1. Preventing menstrual blood reflux. In some cases, the main cause of menstrual blood circulation must be prevented by medical procedures. In some cases, women can prevent menstrual the circulation of blood by themself. like in menstruation, they just don't exercise vigorously, will not have sexual behavior, pay more attention to keep warm, ensure Normal turmoil menstrual blood.

2. Moderate exercise. During the non-physiological period, moderate exercise can be performed. Exercise can relieve pain minimizing this article of estrogen and will delay the development of endometriosis. Exercise may also promote producing endorphins in your body, the industry natural analgesic. Take gentle exercise, for example walking. Because excessive sports can pull tissue of healing scar.

3. Pay attention to diet. Reduce caffeine intake. The caffeine contained in soda, tea, coffee, etc. will aggravate the anguish for many women. It is recommended that women avoid caffeine. Drinking hot drinks in bed to relax, using heat or steam for the abdomen or back is able to reduce discomfort for girls with endometriosis. Also look closely at supplement nutrients, vitamin E to help hormone balance, strengthen immunity. Beans include a lots of vitamin E, that may be supplemented to eat soy products or drinking soy milk.

4. Acupressure therapy. You can use finger pressure to ease pain. There are two acupuncture points. One is the Sanyinjiao point located about 5 cm above the ankle bone around the inner side with the leg, and the other is Hegu point. the thumb and forefinger form the "v". The Hegu hole at the bottom with the glyph. It is necessary to pay attention for the pressure whenever you can to have effect.


How to prevent prostatitis in winter?

Because of cold temperatures in the wintertime, patients with prostatitis should pay more attention to do look after prostate, so as not to deteriorate the condition, then the best way to properly nurse in the winter months? The following is the introduction by doctors.

Due for the temperature in the winter months is comparatively low, a lot of people always choose to endure whenever they believe that there is a sense of urine. They do not understand that Long term urinary retention may cause harmful effects on blood circulation in the prostate and bladder neck. Which aggravates the the signs of prostatitis. Doctors remind that it's better to go to the toilet if you find a sense urine to avoid burdening the bladder.

when friends get togather, wine and meat is indispensable. Alcohol is simple to cause bladder neck congestion and edema, oppressing the prostate, ultimately causing patients of prostatitis tough to urinate; and spicy meals are also not conducive to the recovery of inflammation of prostate, so prostatitis patients inside the diet should pay attention to decrease the consumption of spicy, stimulating food, they need to eat light food and straightforward to digest food.

When people dining out in play, they must avoid located on the cold stone bench inside the park arbitrarily, so as not to let the lower body get cold. Before going to bed nightly, people can repeatedly massage the acupoints for example perineum, Zhongji, Yongquan, Guanyuan, and do more workout on weekdays to boost the resistance of the body.

Patients should check and treat it timely. The diuretic anti-inflammatory pills are including psyllium, talc, buckwheat, sorghum, safflower, peach, angelica, houttuynia, red peony. Which are precious Chinese herbal medicines. They have good effect on the management of prostatitis.


Finding the reason for uterine inflammation is essential for curing.

There are many kinds of gynecological inflammation, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, cervicitis, metritis, and vaginitis. the condition is not hard to repeat again. So finding the reason that can completely cure the condition.

It could be brought on by sexual diseases, sometimes without obvious incentives. According to the pathogenic bacteria of infection, it could be split up into two kinds: tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis. Tuberculous endometritis is brought on by tuberculosis infection, and is also often secondary to tubal tuberculosis.

Endometritis is caused by bacteria over the vagina, the cervix ascending or descending over the fallopian tube, and reaching the endometrium through the lymphatic system. Most are a result of the vagina and the cervix.

Under normal circumstances, the female vagina is at an acidic environment, as well as the cervix features a mucus plug, the physiological barrier with the body of a human and will resist the invasion of bacteria. Menstrual period, childbirth, post-abortion and various intrauterine operations destroy the ecological balance from the vagina. These resident flora become pathogenic bacteria, going through the vaginal barrier and causing infection. Which bring about endometritis. so people should look closely at take care of the self-cleaning function of the vagina.

In addition, If individuals don't focus on personal hygiene, menstrual sexual intercourse and heterosexual intercourse with sexually transmitted diseases, It is also at risk of this ailment. elderly women as a result of decreased estrogen within the body, decreased intravaginal acidity and decreased cervical mucus plug, they are vulnerable to senile vaginitis, and further progressed into endometritis.

Many women purchase medicines with no knowledge of their cause. Although they can quickly control the symptoms, the illness is not cured. And for some drugs have drug resistance, long-term utilizing it isn't best for our bodies, so it is recommended that friends select a better Chinese medicine treatment, for example Fuyan pill. It has the consequences of eliminating heat and detoxifying, promoting the circulation of blood, removing phlegm and dampness, and may effectively act around the involved area, eliminate inflammation, eliminate inflammation, and then eliminate a number of symptoms due to vaginitis.


Can patients treat prostatitis by Fumigating and washing with water of rhubarb?

Can rhubarb fumigation treat prostatitis?

Neighbor Li, who is affected with prostatitis for many years. he eventually cure the prostatitis with traditional Chinese medicine. Uncle Li feels this Chinese medicine for treating prostatitis is actually good, so I would like to recommend it with male prostatitis patients.

The specific method of treatment : take 50 grams of raw rhubarb in a very casserole, then add 500 ml of water towards the pot and cook until about 200 ml. Then pour the rhubarb liquid right into a small enamel pot, and patients with prostatitis are able to use it to fumigate the perineum. Wait until the temperature index in the liquid isn't hot, soak the gauze to wipe the perineal area approximately 10 mins whenever. Subsequently, patients should use 10 grams of rhubarb, with ginger juice to make a paste then split up into 2 parts, with a tape fixed inside 4 inch part from the umbilicus. that is external putting on adjuvant therapy.

Prostatitis is a kind of body inflammation in middle-aged and older people. Generally, patients have urinary pain, urinary incontinence as well as other urinary problems, and meanwhile patients have pelvic and perineal tingling discomfort. if patients don't treat it timely. It often induces erectile dysfunction and leads to infertility. Chinese medicine rhubarb is called the "General". It has a bitter taste and possesses the consequences of stagnation, clearing damp heat, purging fire, cooling blood, phlegm and detoxification.

The use of rhubarb fumigation and bathing can promote blood circulation in the pelvic area in the patient, that may alleviate hyperemia of prostatitis. This Chinese medicine way is only really suitable the two varieties of syndromes: damp heat accumulation type and qi stagnation and blood stasis type.

The Diuretic and Anti-inflammation pill can be a traditional Chinese medicine utilized to treat male chronic prostatitis. The drug contains the function of doing away with heat and detoxification, and will effectively eliminate various pathogens.


How to cure urinary drops caused by chronic prostatitis ?

Man sometimes locate one or two drops of milky white transparent liquid across the urethral orifice after frequent urination. They think that they may have spermatorrhea, and also think that they've got kidney deficiency. Actually, when they go to hospital they find that they suffer from chronic prostatitis.

Are the urinary drops(dripping white) normal?

Urinary drops certainly are a physiological phenomenon. This is more common in young men. Because the prostate and seminal vesicles use a strong secretory function, they secrete several milliliters of fluid every day. If men have not ejaculation for a long time, these fluids could be excreted inside the urine if the stool squeezes the prostate or holding urine for a long time. Usually, it's easier to appear within the morning. However, if this urinary drops is night and day, dripping liquid is a lot more, and turbid, combined with frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and also other symptoms. it can be likely that the prostate has inflammation. And dripping white can be a characteristic of chronic prostatitis.

How to deal with dripping white ?

Because pathological dripping white is especially brought on by chronic prostatitis, following the proper diagnosis of prostatitis, the management of dripping white has become a treatment for prostatitis. For the management of chronic prostatitis, most Western drugs are currently addressed with antibiotics. However, for the reason that location in the prostate is special and there can be a layer of envelope around it, this film can prevent many drugs from entering, thus being a drug barrier. It is difficult for simple drugs to get in the diseased tissue. Moreover, long-term use of antibiotics is susceptible to drug resistance.

The traditional Chinese medicine diuretic anti-inflammatory pills contain traditional Chinese medicines that will often cause the medicine to arrive at the affected region. It is often a traditional way to treat male genitourinary diseases, and it can be effective in treating prostatitis. Its primary elements are herbs. for example psyllium, talc, buckwheat, sorghum, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, red peony, houttuyniae, and Wang Buliu. It can get rid of heat and detoxify, activating circulation and relieving pain, diuretic Tonglin, and can cure prostate hyperplasia.


What are the disadvantages of cleaning the pudendum with chemical fluid often?

Many women think that using lotion is a superb habit to keep the vulva clean. In fact, using this method is not scientific. The vaginal surface is included by way of a layer of epithelial cells containing animal starch. The vaginal secretion contains lactobacillus, which may decompose animal starch into lactic acid to keep a particular acidity within the vagina and form a path to steer clear of the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. Long-term using of alkaline soap or drugs to clean the low body will eliminate the vaginal bacillus that is certainly good to our bodies, in order that the local resistance is reduced, which makes pudendum is not hard infected by bacteria. In addition, the vagina of mucosal tissue is simple to stimulate and cause edema. So it is vulnerable to dysuria and infection.

According to experts, over 40% of vaginitis patients are generated by improper cleaning. Flushing with chemical lotion once per week or higher can significantly increase the probability of pelvic inflammatory infection, thereby helping the chance of ectopic pregnancy. The more frequently, the greater the risk of pelvic infection.

According to habits, Mostly women utilize cleaning lotion to scrub the vagina after sexual life. One of reason is always to prevent pregnancy, and also the other reason is always to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, ladies who frequently use lavage fluids for vaginal washing come with an increased likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases, and there is no chance of flushing the vagina with water after sex. In addition, some women will be more responsive to the stimulation of chemical lotion, or perhaps the concentration of the answer used would be to high, which will cause woman have itching, redness and ulceration in the vulva. Especially in elderly women after menopause, as a result of decline of ovarian function, vaginal mucosa of thinning, vaginal bacilli relatively reduced, which will be more prone to induce woman have problems with senile vaginitis.


Eating more tomatoes and beans can prevent men's from prostatitis.

patients with prostatitis need treat it active and will observe the healthcare. So how to perform maintain for patients?

1. Go to the hospital for checking. The American Urological Association and also the American Cancer Organization advise that men is going for the hospital for rectal examination and prostate antigen examination annually when they are 50 years old. If you have children good cancer of the prostate, you probably should start practicing these tests from your day of 40.

2. intake of legumes. Japanese are half a dozen times unlikely to die of prostate type of cancer than American. It is generally thought that the Japanese meals are mostly low-fat, high-fiber foods. Beans are extremely common in Japanese diet. Tofu, soy flour and soy milk are common foods that can effectively prevent prostate type of cancer.

3. Eat more tomatoes. In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School for 470,000 male volunteers, researchers find that individuals who eat the most cooked tomato hold the lowest likelihood of developing prostate type of cancer. The so-called "maximum" means 10 x weekly, it sounds being a lot, but 1/2 cup of tomato sauce is certainly one.

4. regular sex. If man have a lot of sexual intercourse inside a short time, the incidence of acute prostatitis is greater than others. On the contrary, restraining sexual interest creates a large amount of "hoarding" from the prostate fluid. Over time, it causes prostate excessive expansion and congestion. Which may also cause inflammation of prostate. In addition, Extracorporeal sperm discharge and interruption of intercourse may also cause swelling of the prostate congestion and cause inflammation.

5. Be careful for hormone supplements. There are many advertisements that testosterone products can enhance men's desire for life, especially sexual life, but high doses of testosterone tend to be connected with prostate hypertrophy and tumors, but this really is rarely mentioned. If men have experienced prostate disease, it is advisable to avoid these hormone supplements.

6. exercise in the sun. life stress will increase the risk of prostate enlargement, and when the pressure of life slows, the prostate symptoms will relieved, so patients should try to stay relaxed. It is advise that people need go outdoors to exercise, moderate exercise might help strengthen the body's resistance, and can help the local circulation from the prostate.

7. Eating small snacks. zinc can raise the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects of the prostate, so you can eat more seafood, white melon seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame as well as other zinc-rich snacks. Antioxidants can protect the prostate, and men should eat more nuts, more vegetables and fruits.


What medicines have good influence on woman of cystitis?

When women have frequent urination, urgency in urination , urination with pain, lower abdominal pain, hematuria and also other symptoms, they need search for a regular hospital to generate a diagnosis. normally, female cystitis contain the above symptoms. Cystitis is the most common disease of the urinary system, and Most from the urinary system diseases are secondary infections of other diseases. Then, which kind of medicine is good effect on this disease? Let me give you introductions.

When ladies have urinary urgency and urinary tingling they desire appropriate rest and drink more water to improve urine output. It can reduce urinary tract symptoms, For patients with obvious bladder irritation, they could use antispasmodic drugs to ease symptoms. In general, cystitis is usually addressed with anti-infective drugs. Patients should use effective antibacterial drugs for urinary bacterial culture and drug susceptibility test.

Regarding the drug for female urinary urgency and urinary tingling, the Chinese medicine Diurea Anti-inflammatory Pill is recommended. The treatment of diuretic anti-inflammatory pill for female cystitis is significant, and there is no side-effect. It is pure Chinese medicine preparation. The diuretic anti-inflammatory pill gets the main functions of getting rid of heat and detoxicating, activating circulation, activating qi and relieving pain, and promoting diuresis. It has no side influence on liver.

Remind patients that the incidence of acute cystitis ladies is sudden, it really is susceptible to fatigue, urinary retention, cold. patients with frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, pyuria and terminal hematuria, It can be cured for 1 to 2 weeks through diuretic anti-inflammatory pills.


The pelvic inflammatory disease of diagnosis and treatment.

The pathogens causing pelvic inflammatory disease are staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, streptococci, anaerobic bacteria and sexually transmitted pathogens including gonococcus, herpes simplex virus, Chlamydia trachomatis and Mycoplasma. The main routes of infection are: menstrual circulation, spread over the lymphatic system, spread down the genital mucosa and direct spread after infection of adjacent organs. It is a common disease that split up into acute and chronic disease.

1. acute pelvic inflammatory disease: previous acute infection, lower abdominal pain, muscle tension, tenderness and rebound tenderness, associated with rapid pulse rate, fever, a large amount of purulent secretions in the vagina. Severe illness will surely have high fever, headache, chills, loss in appetite, a lot of yellow leucorrhea with smell, abdominal pain, tenderness, waist pain, etc.; there are nausea, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea when patients have peritonitis; when we have abscess formation in pelvic, you will find lower abdomen mass and local compression stimulation symptoms, the mass might be as you're watching dysuria, frequent urination, dysuria, etc.; the mass located within the posterior might cause diarrhea, urgency, and difficulty in defecation.

2. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: systemic symptoms are now and again low fever, susceptible fatigue, some patients have neurasthenia symptoms on account of long lifetime of disease, for example insomnia, insufficient energy, general discomfort. Lower abdomen bulge, pain and soreness in the lumbosacral region, it often worse after overworked, intercourse, and pre and post menstruation. Due to chronic inflammation, pelvic congestion, menorrhagia, ovarian dysfunction, menstrual disorders, tubal adhesions that might cause infertility. Acute inflammation may cause serious consequences such as diffuse peritonitis, sepsis as well as septic shock; chronic inflammation is caused by repeated treatment and recurrent attacks, which affects women's normal work and life and both mental and physical health.

The diagnosing pelvic inflammation disease:

1. acute pelvic inflammatory disease: gynecological examination - vaginal congestion, sputum tenderness, uterine congestion, edema, tenderness. The palace is slightly enlarged, with tenderness and limited activity. The attachments on both sides are tender, can touch the mass or thicken, where you can fluctuating feeling if the mass is formed.

2. chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: gynecological examination - the uterus is often within the posterior position, the adventure is restricted or adhesion fixation. The attachment can be seen inside the following cases: salpingitis; hydrosalpinx or fallopian tube ovarian cyst; pelvic pedicle tissue inflammation.

The treatment of pelvic inflammation disease:

The main treating pelvic inflammatory disease are: rest during sex, supplement nutrition, mainly antibiotics (including: broad-spectrum antibiotics and anti-anaerobic drugs), sometimes Chinese medicine treatment may also work, in severe cases, such as: pelvic abscess, patients need surgery.

Acute pelvic inflammatory disease can usually be treated with general supportive therapy, antibiotic therapy, external use and surgery. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease may be treatable with general treatment (Fuyan pill), therapy, external medicine and surgery.


The causes of chronic prostatitis.

Causes of chronic prostatitis:

1: Microbial infection stimulates prostatitis causing edema, hypertrophy, and prostatitis;

2: sedentary, permanent, sex to stimulate the prostate due to local congestion, edema, hypertrophy from the prostate, causing aseptic prostatitis;

3: Middle-aged and elderly degenerative diseases result in benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Prostatitis a result of edema, hypertrophy, hyperplasia, Chinese medicine treatment to retract the prostate to normalcy size takes a treatment process.

The harshness of prostatitis differs from the others, along with the time of healing is unique:

1: Patients with mild symptoms are cured relatively quickly. For example, patients with occasional, mild perineal bulge, patients with difficult urination can eliminate symptoms for a few months. If normal prostate examination is typical, along with the condition is cured.

2: Patients with severe symptoms for example urethral redness, pain, pus, whiteness, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, hematuria, urinary incontinence, frequent urination, urinary drip, thinning from the urinary tract, they have got pain in lumbosacral, hip, perineum, suprapubic area, and abdomen bulge. sometimes radiated to the testicles, groin, inner thigh. ejaculation problems, ejaculation with pain, nocturnal emission, impotence, etc.

Patients choose traditional chinese medicine (Diuretic and Anti-inflammation pill) for treatment should need 4 months or 5 months to reduce this symptoms.

The pathological changes of prostatitis are complicated:

1: Prostatic hyperplasia causes long-term obstruction with the lower urinary tract;

2: Since the prostate and seminal vesicle are open for the posterior urethra. they affect one another in manners of inflammation and results in of infection. So the seminal vesiculitis often coincides with prostatitis.

3: Prostatitis and orchitis cause prostate atrophy and testicular atrophy, eventually bringing about male infertility.

4: Prostatitis can cause obstruction of seminiferous tube, azoospermia and male infertility.

5: Spermatospermia.

Due for the complicated pathological changes of prostatitis, edema, hypertrophy, hyperplasia, tumor, fibrosis, calcification, pus, occlusion, adhesion, etc. The prostate can return to normalcy. The patient needs three months to 6 months. The treatment is capable of the objective of radical prostatitis.


Which kind of pelvic effusion which need be treated?

Speaking of pelvic fluid, many women are worried, so pelvic fluid is a nightmare for friends. Many women that terrifies them this disease, in fact, pelvic fluid is just not all pathological, and several are physiological effusion, so we must correctly understand pelvic fluid. Part with the physiological effusion can self-healing, what conditions have to be treated?

Pelvic effusion refers back to the presence of inflammatory exudate in the pelvic cavity of women. It can be split into physiological pelvic effusion and pathological pelvic effusion in clinical practice. the next conditions need treat soon enough.

1. when individuals is suffering from gynecological pelvic inflammation, they've got abdominal pain, fever, high blood-like infection, the peritoneum because of inflammation develop a lots of exudate, ultrasound examination has "pelvic effusion".

2. when patients have sexual life, there exists severe pain inside lower abdomen, together with dizziness, nausea, etc. considering follicular rupture or rupture of the corpus luteum during ovulation, B ultrasound found "pelvic effusion", Symptoms usually disappear in 1-2 days, no need to panic. However, when the volume of bleeding inside rupture mouth is large, you will see massive intra-abdominal hemorrhage. At this time, the sonography could possibly have an increase in pelvic fluid, which requires emergency treatment and surgical repair as appropriate.

3. If patients have menopause, irregular vaginal bleeding or severe abdominal pain, with dizziness, nausea, vomiting, shock, etc., taking into consideration the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy rupture, local tissue rupture and bleeding in the pregnancy, B ultrasound found "pelvic effusion", abdominal bleeding volume More, more pelvic fluid, which need hospitalization for surgery.

4. When people struggling with pelvic and abdominal cavity tumors, the peritoneum is stimulated by tumor cells to produce a wide range of exudate. Ultrasonography even offers "pelvic effusion", nonetheless it often contains the clinical manifestations of primary tumors. Immediate treatment methods are needed.

Therefore, to discover a suitable way of the treating pelvic fluid, if you don't get a full treatment in Western medicine, you could attempt Chinese medicine treatment Fuyan pill. the treating pathological pelvic effusion should be based on the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, while Chinese medicine believes that chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is generally hot and humid, and also the treatment methods are mainly to clear away heat and dampness, promote circulation and take away blood stasis. The effect of Fuyan Pills can just attain the effect of nourishing blood and promoting circulation, relieving pain and relieving pain.


Can houttuynia cordata treats abnormal leucorrhea due to trichomonas vaginitis?

Trichomonas vaginitis identifies vaginitis brought on by trichomonas in parasitic humans, and patients have symptoms like abnormal leucorrhea, urinary frequency, urination with urgent, and abdominal pain. For the treatments for gynecological diseases, everybody is willing to choose some small remedies, including some patients use houttuynia treat abnormal leucorrhea. Can Houttuyniae treat abnormal leucorrhea caused bytrichomonas vaginitis?

To find out if Houttuynia cordata can treat abnormal leucorrhea brought on by trichomonas vaginitis, we've got to first analyze the medicinal properties of Houttuynia cordata. If it can improve symptom, this can treat this complaint. Houttuynia cordata is really a popular Chinese herbal medicine, which includes the end results of clearing away heat and detoxifying and swelling. It is often found in the treating gonorrhea, vaginal discharge, carbuncle, etc. It can be seen that it may play an important role in abnormal leucorrhea.

However, it is necessary to remind patients that although Houttuynia can start to play a specific therapeutic relation to abnormal leucorrhea, it is hard to realize complete cure from this sort of drug. Because trichomonas vaginitis is not just manifested as abnormal leucorrhea, along with the efficacy of Houttuynia cordata is limited, so so that you can thoroughly treat it, patients often need other prescriptions. At this point, the complete side of Fu Yan pill works for this disease.

The abnormal leucorrhea in english medicine seems to be a result of the stimulation of inflammation. Traditional Chinese medicine classify it to the class of "leucorrhea", that's a result of spleen deficiency and dampness heat. Therefore, Chinese medicine use methods to spleen dampness, clearing heat and detoxification, promoting circulation and other effects to treat. In addition to Houttuynia cordata has function of heat-clearing and detoxifying. scutellaria, licorice are likely to be used.

Fuyan Pill consists of dozens of Chinese herbal supplements for example Bupleurum, Angelica, Peach, and Poria. It can have these complete functions of promoting the circulation of blood and removing phlegm and strengthening spleen and dampness.

In the treatment of vaginal abnormal relieve trichomonas vaginitis, it isn't just uses houttuynia treatment. In order to completely cure the condition, Fuyan Pill has good influence on gynecological diseases. It has also been recognized by national patents. As long as the person can continue with the doctor's advice during the medication, they can generally start to see the obvious effect in a single procedure. Most patients is often curable in three courses of treatment.


What are signs of seminal vesicle?

The seminal vesicle is just not an organ for storing semen, but an accessory gland in the male genitalia. It is a set of two oblong-shaped cystic organs located at the back from the bladder bottom. It is outer side from the ampulla from the vas deferens. its shape is wide in upon and narrow in down, slightly flattened in before side. The surface is uneven, the top of may be the seminal vesicle base, along with the budget is slim and straight, which is the drainage tube.

Seminal vesiculitis can be an infection brought on by E. coli and other adjacent organs such as the prostate or any condition that causes the prostate, once the seminal vesicle is congested, the bacteria invade the seminal vesicle, induces inflammation, and results in the bloody essence because the main clinical manifestation. The seminal vesicle is not special. There are two major forms of heterosexual and specific seminal vesicles, the previous including acute seminal vesiculitis and chronic seminal vesiculitis, the latter including seminal vesicle tuberculosis and gonococcal seminal vesiculitis, among which non-specific chronic seminal vesiculitis is the most common.

Common signs of seminal vesiculitis:

fatigue, abdominal discomfort, seminal vesicle enlargement, a number of semen , sperm usually are not liquefaction, urinary tract burning when urination, urination with urgency, frequent urination, dysuria, dizziness.

Acute seminal vesiculitis of symptoms.

(1) Those who have been have been infected with blood might have chills, fever, generalized pain and signs and symptoms of lower abdominal pain. Those who have retrograde infection from the urethra have frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, perineal and rectal pain.

(2) The rectal examination can attain the enlargement of the seminal vesicle, and also the tenderness is clear. The people who have abscess could possibly have a a sense fluctuation.

 Chronic seminal vesicle of symptoms.

(1) Blood essence: This can often be the manifestation of chronic seminal vesiculitis. The appearance of semen is pink, crimson or brown, and several are together with old crumb-like blood clots. Blood essence is often hard to stop, and a lot of patients are prolonged for many months. Most patients No have ejaculation.

(2) Sexual dysfunction: Many people are frightened of blood semem and prevent intercourse. Those people with longer time don't have sexual life usually have decreased libido, frequent spermatorrhea and rapid ejaculation.

(3) urinary tract symptoms: Most patients don't have any obvious urinary tract irritation, more complaints of perineal and minimize abdominal discomfort, some patients have a urinary tract burning sensation, and initial hematuria after ejaculation.

(4) Neurological symptoms: Because of fear from the influence of blood essence for the health of themselves and their spouses, these are concerned about affecting fertility, therefore the burden of thought is heavier. Patients often feel dizzy, fatigue, as well as the disease is very obvious.

(5) digital rectal examination: the obese patients will have cloudy in palpation from the seminal vesicles, some patients can have a very slightly harder texture of the seminal vesicles, bigger and tenderness, along with the boundaries from the seminal vesicles are unclear when its around organ are adhesion.


The knowledge of urethritis.

Urethritis is inflammation of the urethral mucosa. It is clinically split into acute and chronic, non-specific urethritis and gonococcal urethritis. The latter two clinical manifestations offer a similar experience and must be based on track record and bacteriology of check to distinguish. It mostly brought on by pathogenic bacteria retrograde invade the urethra.

The clinical manifestations are urinary frequency, dysuria, urgency and hematuria. In the acute phase, men might have urethral secretions, initially it really is mucinous, then it can be more purulent secretions. Females have few secretions. When they become chronic, they deomonstrate urinary tract pain and urination in discomfort. The urethral secretions are reduced plus they are thin and serous. In the acute attack, there exists dull pain inside suprapubic area and perineum, along with the urethral opening is red. Vagina have secretion inside it.

 The care for patients with urethitis.

1. the person might have bath in hot water to help remedy pain; if they have a feeling of urine, they should immediately empty the bladder to prevent bladder expansion; patients should get plenty of fluids to clean surrounding bacteria; ahead of the symptoms have disappeared, they don't have sex.

2. To ensure adequate sleep and sexual life. the role of sleep is important. it has good influence on preventing and treating all diseases.

3. developing hand-washing habits. The investigation realize that people's hands are stuck with numerous pathogenic microorganisms, such as chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc., they could invade the urethra to cause infection. so it can be important too to build up good hygiene habits. Especially pre and post meals.

4. The management of urethritis needs to be early, adequate and standardized, using sensitive drugs, but also people need to avoid over-treatment. Insufficient drug dosage, drug use or selected drugs are not sensitive that will promote the creation of pathogens.

5. if everyone has presence of signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases like urethritis, or suspected of sexually transmitted diseases, they require visit the regular hospital immediately, rather than hearing all kinds of false or exaggerated advertising to find medical treatment, so as not to delay the illness, miss the opportunity to treat.

6. drinking more water. It is good means for health. For patients with urethritis, a lot of h2o increases the amount of urine, therefore it may flush the secretions with the urethra; as well, look closely at rest, avoid sexual life inside short term inside the acute phase, , nor use antibiotics for abuse.

7. avoiding sexual behavior before urethritis is cured. In a time frame (three to five weeks) following the complete disappearance of urethral symptoms, when people have sexual life, they must honored condom. In the treatment period, alcohol should be prohibited, avoid spicy diet, and drink plenty of water.

8. Whether the person treat it promptly or according to the amount. Because the management of non-gonococcal urethritis differs from gonorrhea. non-gonococcal urethritis cannot be treated inside a short time period, as well as the quantity of medications is long. The patient is simple to forget to accept medicine as a result of somethings, or basically disappear after 1~2 days and stopped taking medicine. it really is recurrent after a few days. Do not rush to change the drug currently.

9. Since possibly 45% of gonorrhea patients are contaminated with chlamydia and mycoplasma concurrently as gonococcal infection, a combination of non-gonococcal urethritis works extremely well inside treatments for gonorrhea.

10. If their sexual partner are infected, they ought to be treated as well. After treatment, the person's symptoms persist, or symptoms reappear after recurrence. The most likely cause could be that the sexual partner is not treated. The disease is transmitted to the patient again by untreated sexual partner. It is very important to are aware that 40% of patients with non-gonococcal urethritis haven't any symptoms. Therefore, not only the patients themselves need to be treated, however their sexual partner should also need medication to prevente.

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