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Eating more tomatoes and beans can prevent men's from prostatitis.

patients with prostatitis need treat it active and will observe the healthcare. So how to perform maintain for patients?

1. Go to the hospital for checking. The American Urological Association and also the American Cancer Organization advise that men is going for the hospital for rectal examination and prostate antigen examination annually when they are 50 years old. If you have children good cancer of the prostate, you probably should start practicing these tests from your day of 40.

2. intake of legumes. Japanese are half a dozen times unlikely to die of prostate type of cancer than American. It is generally thought that the Japanese meals are mostly low-fat, high-fiber foods. Beans are extremely common in Japanese diet. Tofu, soy flour and soy milk are common foods that can effectively prevent prostate type of cancer.

3. Eat more tomatoes. In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School for 470,000 male volunteers, researchers find that individuals who eat the most cooked tomato hold the lowest likelihood of developing prostate type of cancer. The so-called "maximum" means 10 x weekly, it sounds being a lot, but 1/2 cup of tomato sauce is certainly one.

4. regular sex. If man have a lot of sexual intercourse inside a short time, the incidence of acute prostatitis is greater than others. On the contrary, restraining sexual interest creates a large amount of "hoarding" from the prostate fluid. Over time, it causes prostate excessive expansion and congestion. Which may also cause inflammation of prostate. In addition, Extracorporeal sperm discharge and interruption of intercourse may also cause swelling of the prostate congestion and cause inflammation.

5. Be careful for hormone supplements. There are many advertisements that testosterone products can enhance men's desire for life, especially sexual life, but high doses of testosterone tend to be connected with prostate hypertrophy and tumors, but this really is rarely mentioned. If men have experienced prostate disease, it is advisable to avoid these hormone supplements.

6. exercise in the sun. life stress will increase the risk of prostate enlargement, and when the pressure of life slows, the prostate symptoms will relieved, so patients should try to stay relaxed. It is advise that people need go outdoors to exercise, moderate exercise might help strengthen the body's resistance, and can help the local circulation from the prostate.

7. Eating small snacks. zinc can raise the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects of the prostate, so you can eat more seafood, white melon seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame as well as other zinc-rich snacks. Antioxidants can protect the prostate, and men should eat more nuts, more vegetables and fruits.


What medicines have good influence on woman of cystitis?

When women have frequent urination, urgency in urination , urination with pain, lower abdominal pain, hematuria and also other symptoms, they need search for a regular hospital to generate a diagnosis. normally, female cystitis contain the above symptoms. Cystitis is the most common disease of the urinary system, and Most from the urinary system diseases are secondary infections of other diseases. Then, which kind of medicine is good effect on this disease? Let me give you introductions.

When ladies have urinary urgency and urinary tingling they desire appropriate rest and drink more water to improve urine output. It can reduce urinary tract symptoms, For patients with obvious bladder irritation, they could use antispasmodic drugs to ease symptoms. In general, cystitis is usually addressed with anti-infective drugs. Patients should use effective antibacterial drugs for urinary bacterial culture and drug susceptibility test.

Regarding the drug for female urinary urgency and urinary tingling, the Chinese medicine Diurea Anti-inflammatory Pill is recommended. The treatment of diuretic anti-inflammatory pill for female cystitis is significant, and there is no side-effect. It is pure Chinese medicine preparation. The diuretic anti-inflammatory pill gets the main functions of getting rid of heat and detoxicating, activating circulation, activating qi and relieving pain, and promoting diuresis. It has no side influence on liver.

Remind patients that the incidence of acute cystitis ladies is sudden, it really is susceptible to fatigue, urinary retention, cold. patients with frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, pyuria and terminal hematuria, It can be cured for 1 to 2 weeks through diuretic anti-inflammatory pills.

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