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How to cure urinary drops caused by chronic prostatitis ?

Man sometimes locate one or two drops of milky white transparent liquid across the urethral orifice after frequent urination. They think that they may have spermatorrhea, and also think that they've got kidney deficiency. Actually, when they go to hospital they find that they suffer from chronic prostatitis.

Are the urinary drops(dripping white) normal?

Urinary drops certainly are a physiological phenomenon. This is more common in young men. Because the prostate and seminal vesicles use a strong secretory function, they secrete several milliliters of fluid every day. If men have not ejaculation for a long time, these fluids could be excreted inside the urine if the stool squeezes the prostate or holding urine for a long time. Usually, it's easier to appear within the morning. However, if this urinary drops is night and day, dripping liquid is a lot more, and turbid, combined with frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and also other symptoms. it can be likely that the prostate has inflammation. And dripping white can be a characteristic of chronic prostatitis.

How to deal with dripping white ?

Because pathological dripping white is especially brought on by chronic prostatitis, following the proper diagnosis of prostatitis, the management of dripping white has become a treatment for prostatitis. For the management of chronic prostatitis, most Western drugs are currently addressed with antibiotics. However, for the reason that location in the prostate is special and there can be a layer of envelope around it, this film can prevent many drugs from entering, thus being a drug barrier. It is difficult for simple drugs to get in the diseased tissue. Moreover, long-term use of antibiotics is susceptible to drug resistance.

The traditional Chinese medicine diuretic anti-inflammatory pills contain traditional Chinese medicines that will often cause the medicine to arrive at the affected region. It is often a traditional way to treat male genitourinary diseases, and it can be effective in treating prostatitis. Its primary elements are herbs. for example psyllium, talc, buckwheat, sorghum, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, red peony, houttuyniae, and Wang Buliu. It can get rid of heat and detoxify, activating circulation and relieving pain, diuretic Tonglin, and can cure prostate hyperplasia.


What are the disadvantages of cleaning the pudendum with chemical fluid often?

Many women think that using lotion is a superb habit to keep the vulva clean. In fact, using this method is not scientific. The vaginal surface is included by way of a layer of epithelial cells containing animal starch. The vaginal secretion contains lactobacillus, which may decompose animal starch into lactic acid to keep a particular acidity within the vagina and form a path to steer clear of the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. Long-term using of alkaline soap or drugs to clean the low body will eliminate the vaginal bacillus that is certainly good to our bodies, in order that the local resistance is reduced, which makes pudendum is not hard infected by bacteria. In addition, the vagina of mucosal tissue is simple to stimulate and cause edema. So it is vulnerable to dysuria and infection.

According to experts, over 40% of vaginitis patients are generated by improper cleaning. Flushing with chemical lotion once per week or higher can significantly increase the probability of pelvic inflammatory infection, thereby helping the chance of ectopic pregnancy. The more frequently, the greater the risk of pelvic infection.

According to habits, Mostly women utilize cleaning lotion to scrub the vagina after sexual life. One of reason is always to prevent pregnancy, and also the other reason is always to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, ladies who frequently use lavage fluids for vaginal washing come with an increased likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases, and there is no chance of flushing the vagina with water after sex. In addition, some women will be more responsive to the stimulation of chemical lotion, or perhaps the concentration of the answer used would be to high, which will cause woman have itching, redness and ulceration in the vulva. Especially in elderly women after menopause, as a result of decline of ovarian function, vaginal mucosa of thinning, vaginal bacilli relatively reduced, which will be more prone to induce woman have problems with senile vaginitis.

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