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Daily nursing for patients of endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a common disease in woman. this is a disease that endometrial tissues in growth appear in other regions from the uterine cavity. This disease of symptoms in clinic, including, progressive dysmenorrhea, infertility, menorrhagia, painful intercourse, etc. patients of this disease should treat it timely and pay more attention to do cares. What cares should they do?

1. Preventing menstrual blood reflux. In some cases, the main cause of menstrual blood circulation must be prevented by medical procedures. In some cases, women can prevent menstrual the circulation of blood by themself. like in menstruation, they just don't exercise vigorously, will not have sexual behavior, pay more attention to keep warm, ensure Normal turmoil menstrual blood.

2. Moderate exercise. During the non-physiological period, moderate exercise can be performed. Exercise can relieve pain minimizing this article of estrogen and will delay the development of endometriosis. Exercise may also promote producing endorphins in your body, the industry natural analgesic. Take gentle exercise, for example walking. Because excessive sports can pull tissue of healing scar.

3. Pay attention to diet. Reduce caffeine intake. The caffeine contained in soda, tea, coffee, etc. will aggravate the anguish for many women. It is recommended that women avoid caffeine. Drinking hot drinks in bed to relax, using heat or steam for the abdomen or back is able to reduce discomfort for girls with endometriosis. Also look closely at supplement nutrients, vitamin E to help hormone balance, strengthen immunity. Beans include a lots of vitamin E, that may be supplemented to eat soy products or drinking soy milk.

4. Acupressure therapy. You can use finger pressure to ease pain. There are two acupuncture points. One is the Sanyinjiao point located about 5 cm above the ankle bone around the inner side with the leg, and the other is Hegu point. the thumb and forefinger form the "v". The Hegu hole at the bottom with the glyph. It is necessary to pay attention for the pressure whenever you can to have effect.


How to prevent prostatitis in winter?

Because of cold temperatures in the wintertime, patients with prostatitis should pay more attention to do look after prostate, so as not to deteriorate the condition, then the best way to properly nurse in the winter months? The following is the introduction by doctors.

Due for the temperature in the winter months is comparatively low, a lot of people always choose to endure whenever they believe that there is a sense of urine. They do not understand that Long term urinary retention may cause harmful effects on blood circulation in the prostate and bladder neck. Which aggravates the the signs of prostatitis. Doctors remind that it's better to go to the toilet if you find a sense urine to avoid burdening the bladder.

when friends get togather, wine and meat is indispensable. Alcohol is simple to cause bladder neck congestion and edema, oppressing the prostate, ultimately causing patients of prostatitis tough to urinate; and spicy meals are also not conducive to the recovery of inflammation of prostate, so prostatitis patients inside the diet should pay attention to decrease the consumption of spicy, stimulating food, they need to eat light food and straightforward to digest food.

When people dining out in play, they must avoid located on the cold stone bench inside the park arbitrarily, so as not to let the lower body get cold. Before going to bed nightly, people can repeatedly massage the acupoints for example perineum, Zhongji, Yongquan, Guanyuan, and do more workout on weekdays to boost the resistance of the body.

Patients should check and treat it timely. The diuretic anti-inflammatory pills are including psyllium, talc, buckwheat, sorghum, safflower, peach, angelica, houttuynia, red peony. Which are precious Chinese herbal medicines. They have good effect on the management of prostatitis.

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