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For aseptic prostatitis, how should patients do health care?

Aseptic prostatitis usually occurs at the start of the redness of the prostate. It is a result of many reasons. In the early stage, the symptoms aren't obvious and the patient almost no sense it. In the later stages. it becomes more and more serious, and often it affects normal life. At this time, the patient doesn't have tense, because aseptic prostatitis is relatively all to easy to cure, so long as the individual actively cooperates while using doctor for treatment, many of them are cure quickly. However, patients should avoid using antibiotics by self-treating. Because antibiotic are unable to treat aseptic prostatitis.

Antibiotics and antiviral prescription medication is no obvious impact on aseptic prostatitis. There is no perfect plan for treatment, but it doesn't mean that aseptic prostatitis is incurable. Health and treatment over the following aspects are viewed to experience a good effect:

1. During the treatment period. the person should appropriately reduce the quantity of sexual life or masturbation, if necessary, suspend sexual life, in order to get better treatment results.

2. Perineal massage. two times a day in the morning and evening do perineal massage, whenever about ten minutes, this may increase the blood circulation from the prostate, it should be noted how the massage does not need to be overweight, massage until prostate is heat.

3. Do more exercise. it can increase the body's immunity. And it is beneficial to physical and mental health. It can improve blood flow in the prostate, and improve its balance of yin and yang.

4. Pay attention to a well-balanced diet. eat more vegatables and fruits, nutritious, fasting tobacco, alcohol and spicy things.

5. Establish confidence in healing and determination to battle a protracted war.

6. Drink plenty of water, do not keep urinate, water is the greatest medicine.

7. Chinese medicine conditioning. try different drugs and discover the one which suits for you personally condition. Generally speaking, for those who have taken 72 hours of herbal medicine, and also you doesn't have obvious improve, which means that this drugs are not too suitable for you, so you don't have to persist.

If patients have aseptic prostatitis, don't be overly nervous. The first thing they're able to do would be to perform a prostate massage, especially for patients that are unmarried or separated. Regular prostate massage can relieve the accumulated prostate fluid and eliminate it. And it also can eliminate local inflammation, alleviate the symptoms of the disease. It is best to get a weekly massage for 4-8 weeks.


What should woman do when they have cervicitis?

Female cervicitis mainly includes cervical erosion, cervical cyst, cervical mucositis. Female cervical mucosa can be a single-layer squamous epithelium with poor anti-infective ability, that's vulnerable to infection, leading to cervix hemorrhage, erosion, burning pain, swelling. The main clinical symptoms are leucorrhea, leucorrhea with blood or yellow purulent, sexual intercourse bleeding, Vaginal itching and pain. If you have cervical erosion for a long time and so are stimulated by inflammation, it could be have contracted HPV, that is the most reason for cervititis.

Treatment of cervicitis should start with treatment and inhibition of recurrence. In particular, patients with cervical erosion must first get rid of the erosion surface and eliminate inflammation; secondly, activate cellular matrix to regenerate the cervical mucosa; third, build an immune mechanism in order to avoid recurrence of erosion or inflammation.

So, how to treat cervicitis specifically? The widely used methods in clinical practice mostly are antibiotic treatment, physiotherapy and surgical procedure. However, long-term use of antibiotics will destroy into your xafs of beneficial bacteria by the body processes, easily cause unwanted organisms to generate antibodies and modify the therapeutic effect, and may even accelerate the reproduction of harmful bacteria and aggravate the trouble.

Physical therapy and surgery like laser, microwave, ultraviolet, electric iron, LEEP knife, etc., it is easily stimulate the cervical mucosa, damage the top cells from the cervical mucosa, and easily cause imbalance of cervical function.

they can try green Chinese medicine treatment, like Chinese medicine Fuyan pills. It is really a pure Chinese herbal preparation, comes with a ancient formula. it doesn't damage the liver and kidney in the body of a human and has no unwanted effects on the body of a human. Although the treatment time is fairly long as opposed to runners, it is safer than antibiotics, and quite a few patients are completely cure.

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