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Diet treatment for patients with cystitis.

The biggest factor cause weakening of bladder is "cold". The reason why lots of women have problems with cystitis is to eat more foods that make the body cold, including eating fruits, lettuce sand salad, juice, and frozen goodies or cakes containing plenty of sugar, and since they're fearful of an excessive amount of salt, Eating foods that have almost no salt, on account of insufficient salt, which promotes the body's cold.

Although the incidence of cystitis in men is much lower than in women, but it is often more serious in males. Generally speaking, males are weaker than females inside their power to synthesize protein, so they really must eat animal foods appropriately. Actually, these are more inclined to consume animal foods than women. However, when men's dietary status are excessive drinking, that is prone to cold in blader and  vulnerable to cystitis.

Getting enough fresh juice will work for those who eat more meat. Because fruit can prevent the body from overheating, it may also promote the excretion of waste and toxins inside the blood. it is best to utilize tropical fruits abundant in enzymes. like, mango and papaya. However, individuals who don't like you can eat animal foods originally, and those that like to eat light food and white rice, take the same method of eating (drinking tropical fruits), it has the opposite effect.

Cystitis is basically uncomfortable. But people will use herbs to alleviate its symptoms. Quzhou Prunella (Panicle part), spinach (root), and valerian are common famous folk herbs. When people utilize it, they take 20 grams of dried product in a serving pot. After boiling in water, the consequence is good.


woman are able to use Garlic treat vaginitis, but not to ones with pudendal ulceration.

Vaginitis is the most common type of gynecological disease. Many patients with vaginitis also think it is not just a severe illness. They use garlic boil with water to take care of vaginitis. which is a relatively popular method and easy, nevertheless for patients who wish to use this way of treatment, they should remind this approach is not suitable for woman with genital ulceration. It will make this condition worse.

The principle of treatment with garlic.

Garlic can be a well-recognized positive thing. Whether it is through the perspective of Chinese medicine or Western medicine, garlic has certain drug effects. For example, In chinese medicine, it's the effects of warming, digesting, and warming the spleen and stomach. In Western medicine, Allicin in garlic has good bactericidal and anti-cancer effects. The reason why using garlic to treat vaginitis is to use its bactericidal effect, which can eliminate the bacterial virus that causes vaginitis. The specific usage is usually to peel the garlic and chop it, you can add boiling water to prepare, and wash the vulva with garlic juice 2-3 times per day.

Woman with pudendal ulcers avoid the use of garlic to deal with vaginitis.

Although garlic boiled water can begin to play some role in vaginitis, it isn't suited to patients with genital ulceration and broken skin. Due to increased secretions, when the female private parts are not well cleaned right now, the pants are too tight and airtight, you can easily appear skin ulceration, then if you utilize garlic to boil water to wash the vulva, only Increase the level of ulceration.

Garlic boiled water for stopping vaginitis that can just help.

In addition towards the ulceration can't use garlic boiled water for treatment, friends should also understand that garlic boiled water to take care of vaginitis, on account of limited sterilization, it are only able to be used being an adjuvant treatment. For vaginitis, patients are better to actively use drugs for treatment, for example vaginal suppositories, antibiotics or Chinese medicine for example Fuyan pills, which can be widely used drugs for that treating vaginitis.

Through the aforementioned introduction, everybody can view the principle of garlic treatments for vaginitis and why the garlic boiled water treatment aren't used for your with vaginal ulcers. This ways will use in early state. If woman have been in the chronic phase, they are able to choose Chinese herbal medicine such as Fuyan Pill. Then they can completely remove the disease.

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