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Preventive measures for endometrial hyperplasia.

There are three varieties of endometrial hyperplasia: simple hyperplasia, complex hyperplasia and atypical hyperplasia. This is a high-risk disease which has a certain tendency to cancer. Prevention of endometrial hyperplasia is essential for every woman. For the health of women, let us introduce the preventive measures for endometrial hyperplasia.

The specific pathogenesis of endometrial hyperplasia continues to be not so clear, however it is currently regarded as in connection with the long-term stimulation of estrogen. Therefore, prevention could be started from your following aspects:

1. Control your weight. The androstenedione secreted through the adrenal gland of obese women is changed into estrone through the action of aromatase in adipose tissue. The more adipose tissue, the stronger the transformation ability, the greater the amount of estrone in plasma. Then, endometrium is effected by persistent estrogen. But controlling weight isn't that people do not eat foods, just eat fruits, also is damaging to body. People need a reasonable dieting and exercise properly.

2. Active treat endocrine disorders. Such as polycystic ovary syndrome, can lead to non-ovulation phenomenon, long-term non-ovulation will also cause endometrial long-term effected by estrogen, inducing endometrial hyperplasia. if people have endocrine disorders diseases, they must also actively treat. Under the guidance of your doctor, they can choose appropriate hormone drugs, or choose Chinese medicine for treating.

3. Pay attention to the menstrual situation. If there are symptoms like irregular menstruation and irregular vaginal bleeding, as a way to treat this disease early, young people need to visit the hospital for examination. If everyone is diagnosed as endometrial hyperplasia and other gynecological inflammation, they could choose Chinese medicine. such as Fuyan pills, which have outcomes of anti-inflammatory, promoting blood flow and removing blood stasis. For a selection of gynecological inflammation and endometrial hyperplasia, it may have a great therapeutic effect.

4. Pay attention to emotional in way of life. For example, If people can maintain a happy mood, learn how to adjust mood, ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up all night, etc., then, people can prevent endocrine disorders, thereby preventing the endometrial hyperplasia. People of diet should light, consume less food you aren't eat irritating food, focus on keep warm, avoid cold stimulation, etc., these also are likely involved in prevention.

Although the cause of endometrial thickening is just not yet clear, providing people pay more attention to the above aspects, it may generally prevent the illness. For women who may have endometrial hyperplasia, they no need too anxious, maintain a good mentality and actively treat the sickness. including the Chinese medicine Fuyan pills. in the event the patient can stick to the doctor's advice, they're able to return to normal about 1-4 courses.


What is the difference between orchitis and epididymitis?

Orchitis and epididymitis are typical diseases in man. Adult orchitis is due to epididymitis directly spreading for the testicles or menstrual blood. The following are the actual differences between the two diseases.

The cause differs: orchitis is due to bacteria. It most caused by epididymitis directly spreading on the testicles. Acute orchitis in children is normally a result of mumps virus. Epididymitis is due towards the delayed urinary tract and bacterial infection, causing the bacteria to go in the epididymis with the vas deferens lumen.

Different inspection methods.

Orchitis: Orchitis is comparable to epididymitis, however the testicular redness isn't so obvious. It can be clearly seen the unilateral or bilateral testicular are swelling, people feel pain if press testicular, the scrotal skin can be obviously red and swollen, and there is a sense of heat.

Epididymitis: The patient's entire scrotum is red and hot, sensitive to touch, and burning when urinating. The scrotum is painful, however the symptoms are relieved when patients rest in bed.

Different types of care.

Orchitis: Because severe orchitis is simple to produce men lose fertility, doctors might use antibiotics and painkillers; patients likewise require cold compress on testicles. If patients of orchitis in acute phase is not treated properly, bacterial orchitis can build an abscess or evolve into chronic orchitis.

Epididymitis: Treatment of epididymitis should take appropriate antibiotics to help remedy acute pain; then cold compress on testicles, while patients should make testicles raised, they're able to utilize rolled away socks or medical gauze under testicles.


Can prostatitis be cured completely? Will it cause prostate type of cancer?

Can prostatitis be treated completely? Does prostatitis lead to prostate type of cancer? The relationship between prostatitis and cancer of the prostate can be a common question. Is there any correlation involving the two disease?

The exact reason behind prostate type of cancer remains to be unclear and might be associated with genetic changes. Changes in genes for example androgen receptor-related genes can result in a greater probability of prostate type of cancer; genetic changes could possibly be connected with environmental factors including diet. The more genetic changes, the more the likelihood of cancer of prostate. In a few cases, prostate type of cancer could be hereditary.

In addition to genetic factors, long-term inflammatory stimuli can also be a crucial predisposing factor for cancer. "Chronic hepatitis increases the likelihood of liver cancer. Chronic gastric ulcer and colitis also increase the risk of stomach cancer and colon cancer." Although chronic inflammation is one of the factors behind many tumors, there's no research to prove if people won't completely treat prostatitis that can cause prostate type of cancer.

Prostatitis has nothing related to prostate type of cancer, and yes it won't improve the incidence of prostate type of cancer. Prostatitis and prostate cancer have different causes. They are two different diseases. Various reasons behind congestion, especially passive congestion, pathogenic microbial infection, anxiety, depression, fear and also other adverse psychological factors have long-term stimulation, that happen to be considered to the main reasons behind prostatitis; as well as the cause of cancer of prostate just isn't very clear. It is generally thought to be in connection with genes and disorders from the metabolic balance of sex hormones.

So can prostatitis be completely cured? Of course! The formula of Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pills contains the effect of promoting circulation, getting rid of heat and detoxifying. The effect of eliminating heat and detoxifying can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria and eliminate inflammation. The effect of promoting the circulation of blood and removing blood stasis may make the blood in the prostate patency and tissue recovery activity. The symptoms of patients could be improved after 30 days of treatment, and prostatitis is cured in a couple of months.

And patients with prostatitis need to do some exercise after busy work. They should try to avoid tobacco, alcohol, coffee, spicy food to cut back the congestion of the prostate. Prostatitis will not lead to prostate cancer, patients no requirement to concern yourself with it.


How is the hydrosalpinx formed?

Hydrosalpinx, also called tubal effusion, describes a great deal of congestion and edema in the fallopian tube and fallopian tube contains a lot of liquid. Hydrosalpinx is a type of gynecological inflammation that produces menstrual disorders, abdominal pain, and long-term infertility. How is the hydrosalpinx formed?

First, caused by chronic fallopian tube of inflammation. Chronic fallopian tube inflammation will produce some inflammatory secretions. If the chronic salpingitis is not cured for some time, the umbrella end of the fallopian tube could be blocked by inflammation, and the leakage and exudate gradually accumulate within the tubal lumen.

Second, evolved from the fallopian tube empyema. The pus cells and necrotic tissues in the lumen are decomposed and cleared by phagocytic cells, and the pus gradually changed into a clear water. There are many people of hydrosalpinx not caused by inflammation from the fallopian tube, many people of hydrosalpinx due to tubal sterilization.

Hydrosalpinx, for young women, it is just not recommended to use the strategy of resection from the fallopian tube, they're able to utilize a drug with specific relation to the hydrosalpinx to ensure that can retain women's fertility, and does not affect Female normal hormonal levels. Fuyan pill is often a conservative traditional herbal medicine. It has good impact on this ailment.


The folk recipe to help remedy itching of vaginitis quickly.

Women with low immunity or long-term utilization of antibiotics are more likely to develop fungal vaginitis. Trichomonas vaginitis is normally a result of poor cleansing, and a few seniors, because of low levels of estrogen, cause poor resistance, could cause vaginal inflammation.

Treatment of vaginitis.

1. oral medications. Patients employed to treat it with antibiotics. But when people regularly apply it, it is going to reduce the body's immunity and form drug dependence. so people can not treat it with antibiotics for some time.

2. Topical lotion or vaginal rinse. You may feel great after vaginal rinse, but from then on, in the end you have symptoms. this technique are unable to cure this condition. It is only temporary relief. Long-term use could also cause imbalance of vaginal flora, causing repeated attacks of vaginitis.

Folk treatment.
30 grams of dried wormwood leaves to the water, boiled with high heat, cook for 10 or 15 minutes on low heat, filter off of the leaves following your fire is powered down, pour the juice into the pots or buckets, and Fumigated pudendal for 20 minutes. Finally, clean the vulva with warm water of wormwood.

Washing the genitals with water of wormwood carries a very good impact on various vaginitis, a lot of people can cure itchy just after using, and severe patients is going to take effect after 72 hours.

Vaginitis patients usually do that.

1. Wash your underwear separately. Do not put underwear and other clothes together to stop cross infection.

2. take note of good personal hygiene, clean genitals with tepid to warm water every single day, underwear should be changed frequently.

3. usually do not frequently use gynecological lotion, this will likely only cause acid-base imbalance, increase inflammation.

4. wearing loose cotton underwear. Tight chemical fiber underwear is not breathable, could make a nearby temperature and humidity increase, which are almost certainly to cause mold of growth.

5. look closely at public health. Do not use a public bath tub, toilet outside, stained is the most suitable to make use of paper towels before using.

To prevent cystitis, people need drink more water and hold less urine.

Cystitis is easily the most common disease in urinary system diseases. In many cases, you'll find burning pain inside the urinary tract, frequent urination, urgency of urination with difficult. The incidence of cystitis is incredibly high, perhaps there is anything good strategy to prevent it? In fact, the best and many effective method to prevent cystitis starts to drinking more water and less urine.

Drinking more water can boost the quantity of urine, that can make the bladder to be in a flushing state. If you have more urinate, it is possible to discharge the bacterial virus that enters the bladder, that will decrease the probability of bacteria in the bladder. It is extremely good method to prevent inflammation of bladder.

Holding urine helps to make the urine stay inside the bladder for years, rendering it an easy task to create opportunities for the reproduction of bacteria and raise the incidence of cystitis. At the same time, the urine will even make the bladder in a very filling state. If it is frequent, the bladder often In the filling state, the elasticity of the bladder wall is reduced, the baroreceptor is unresponsive, and the residual urine volume inside bladder after urination is increased, which can cause urinary retention.

In addition to drinking more water and holding less urine, individuals who want to stop cystitis need look closely at other details in everyday life, including, keep clean, bathe frequently and change underwear frequently; Before and after sex, individuals are better to urinate as soon as possible; other utis, like, urethritis, Antibiotics might be selected inside acute phase, oral Chinese medicine such as diuretic anti-inflammatory pills inside the chronic phase, It can help patients recover quickly.


Daily nursing for patients of endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a common disease in woman. this is a disease that endometrial tissues in growth appear in other regions from the uterine cavity. This disease of symptoms in clinic, including, progressive dysmenorrhea, infertility, menorrhagia, painful intercourse, etc. patients of this disease should treat it timely and pay more attention to do cares. What cares should they do?

1. Preventing menstrual blood reflux. In some cases, the main cause of menstrual blood circulation must be prevented by medical procedures. In some cases, women can prevent menstrual the circulation of blood by themself. like in menstruation, they just don't exercise vigorously, will not have sexual behavior, pay more attention to keep warm, ensure Normal turmoil menstrual blood.

2. Moderate exercise. During the non-physiological period, moderate exercise can be performed. Exercise can relieve pain minimizing this article of estrogen and will delay the development of endometriosis. Exercise may also promote producing endorphins in your body, the industry natural analgesic. Take gentle exercise, for example walking. Because excessive sports can pull tissue of healing scar.

3. Pay attention to diet. Reduce caffeine intake. The caffeine contained in soda, tea, coffee, etc. will aggravate the anguish for many women. It is recommended that women avoid caffeine. Drinking hot drinks in bed to relax, using heat or steam for the abdomen or back is able to reduce discomfort for girls with endometriosis. Also look closely at supplement nutrients, vitamin E to help hormone balance, strengthen immunity. Beans include a lots of vitamin E, that may be supplemented to eat soy products or drinking soy milk.

4. Acupressure therapy. You can use finger pressure to ease pain. There are two acupuncture points. One is the Sanyinjiao point located about 5 cm above the ankle bone around the inner side with the leg, and the other is Hegu point. the thumb and forefinger form the "v". The Hegu hole at the bottom with the glyph. It is necessary to pay attention for the pressure whenever you can to have effect.


How to prevent prostatitis in winter?

Because of cold temperatures in the wintertime, patients with prostatitis should pay more attention to do look after prostate, so as not to deteriorate the condition, then the best way to properly nurse in the winter months? The following is the introduction by doctors.

Due for the temperature in the winter months is comparatively low, a lot of people always choose to endure whenever they believe that there is a sense of urine. They do not understand that Long term urinary retention may cause harmful effects on blood circulation in the prostate and bladder neck. Which aggravates the the signs of prostatitis. Doctors remind that it's better to go to the toilet if you find a sense urine to avoid burdening the bladder.

when friends get togather, wine and meat is indispensable. Alcohol is simple to cause bladder neck congestion and edema, oppressing the prostate, ultimately causing patients of prostatitis tough to urinate; and spicy meals are also not conducive to the recovery of inflammation of prostate, so prostatitis patients inside the diet should pay attention to decrease the consumption of spicy, stimulating food, they need to eat light food and straightforward to digest food.

When people dining out in play, they must avoid located on the cold stone bench inside the park arbitrarily, so as not to let the lower body get cold. Before going to bed nightly, people can repeatedly massage the acupoints for example perineum, Zhongji, Yongquan, Guanyuan, and do more workout on weekdays to boost the resistance of the body.

Patients should check and treat it timely. The diuretic anti-inflammatory pills are including psyllium, talc, buckwheat, sorghum, safflower, peach, angelica, houttuynia, red peony. Which are precious Chinese herbal medicines. They have good effect on the management of prostatitis.


Finding the reason for uterine inflammation is essential for curing.

There are many kinds of gynecological inflammation, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, cervicitis, metritis, and vaginitis. the condition is not hard to repeat again. So finding the reason that can completely cure the condition.

It could be brought on by sexual diseases, sometimes without obvious incentives. According to the pathogenic bacteria of infection, it could be split up into two kinds: tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis. Tuberculous endometritis is brought on by tuberculosis infection, and is also often secondary to tubal tuberculosis.

Endometritis is caused by bacteria over the vagina, the cervix ascending or descending over the fallopian tube, and reaching the endometrium through the lymphatic system. Most are a result of the vagina and the cervix.

Under normal circumstances, the female vagina is at an acidic environment, as well as the cervix features a mucus plug, the physiological barrier with the body of a human and will resist the invasion of bacteria. Menstrual period, childbirth, post-abortion and various intrauterine operations destroy the ecological balance from the vagina. These resident flora become pathogenic bacteria, going through the vaginal barrier and causing infection. Which bring about endometritis. so people should look closely at take care of the self-cleaning function of the vagina.

In addition, If individuals don't focus on personal hygiene, menstrual sexual intercourse and heterosexual intercourse with sexually transmitted diseases, It is also at risk of this ailment. elderly women as a result of decreased estrogen within the body, decreased intravaginal acidity and decreased cervical mucus plug, they are vulnerable to senile vaginitis, and further progressed into endometritis.

Many women purchase medicines with no knowledge of their cause. Although they can quickly control the symptoms, the illness is not cured. And for some drugs have drug resistance, long-term utilizing it isn't best for our bodies, so it is recommended that friends select a better Chinese medicine treatment, for example Fuyan pill. It has the consequences of eliminating heat and detoxifying, promoting the circulation of blood, removing phlegm and dampness, and may effectively act around the involved area, eliminate inflammation, eliminate inflammation, and then eliminate a number of symptoms due to vaginitis.


Can patients treat prostatitis by Fumigating and washing with water of rhubarb?

Can rhubarb fumigation treat prostatitis?

Neighbor Li, who is affected with prostatitis for many years. he eventually cure the prostatitis with traditional Chinese medicine. Uncle Li feels this Chinese medicine for treating prostatitis is actually good, so I would like to recommend it with male prostatitis patients.

The specific method of treatment : take 50 grams of raw rhubarb in a very casserole, then add 500 ml of water towards the pot and cook until about 200 ml. Then pour the rhubarb liquid right into a small enamel pot, and patients with prostatitis are able to use it to fumigate the perineum. Wait until the temperature index in the liquid isn't hot, soak the gauze to wipe the perineal area approximately 10 mins whenever. Subsequently, patients should use 10 grams of rhubarb, with ginger juice to make a paste then split up into 2 parts, with a tape fixed inside 4 inch part from the umbilicus. that is external putting on adjuvant therapy.

Prostatitis is a kind of body inflammation in middle-aged and older people. Generally, patients have urinary pain, urinary incontinence as well as other urinary problems, and meanwhile patients have pelvic and perineal tingling discomfort. if patients don't treat it timely. It often induces erectile dysfunction and leads to infertility. Chinese medicine rhubarb is called the "General". It has a bitter taste and possesses the consequences of stagnation, clearing damp heat, purging fire, cooling blood, phlegm and detoxification.

The use of rhubarb fumigation and bathing can promote blood circulation in the pelvic area in the patient, that may alleviate hyperemia of prostatitis. This Chinese medicine way is only really suitable the two varieties of syndromes: damp heat accumulation type and qi stagnation and blood stasis type.

The Diuretic and Anti-inflammation pill can be a traditional Chinese medicine utilized to treat male chronic prostatitis. The drug contains the function of doing away with heat and detoxification, and will effectively eliminate various pathogens.

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