What is complication of acute and chronic prostatitis?

Prostatitis can not be ignored in male diseases. Not only because it is common, but also because it can cause complications. If the disease is prolonged and untreated, it will make conditions complex and changeable. it is hard to treat when it occur for a long time. We know that prostatitis is divided into two types. One is acute prostatitis and the other is chronic prostatitis. Acute disease can not be delayed especially. There will big trouble if you delay this disease.

Since acute prostatitis can not be delayed, its complications can not be ignored. Let's have a look, what complications can acute prostatitis initiate? There are mainly complications in following.

1.Enlargement or tenderness of the lymph node of the spermatic cord. The prostatic and spermatic lymph nodes have a traffic branch in the pelvis. Acute inflammation of the prostate spread to spermatic cord. It causes the spermatic cord enlarged and with a touch of pain.

2.Other. Acute prostatitis may be accompanied with groin referred pain, Serious patients can have renal colic.

3.acute retention of urine. Acute prostatitis causes local congestion, swelling, and compression of the urethra. So,It is difficult to urinate that causes acute urinary retention.

4.Acute seminal vesicle inflammation or epididymitis and spermatitis. Acute inflammation of the prostate is easy to spread to the seminal vesicle. It causes acute seminal vesicles vesiculitis. At the same time, bacteria can retrograde through the lymphatic vessels into the wall of the vas deferens and the outer sheath leading to epididymitis.

5.Male sexual dysfunction. During acute inflammation, the prostate is congested, edema or have small abscess. It has ejaculation pain, painful erection, loss of sexual desire, sexual intercourse pain, impotence, blood essence, etc.