Advantages of traditional Chinese medicine for chronic prostatitis.

First of all, Chinese medicine through clearing away heat and detoxification , it can resist infection and eliminate viruses. That is to say, Chinese medicine not only works on the surface microorganisms, but also has effects of anti-inflammation. Secondly, through promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, diuretics and drenching, it has a better therapeutic effect on prostate congestion, blood stasis and obstructed excretion. when it eliminates prostate pain and urination symptoms in the treatment of prostatitis. It also clear away mental of insomnia. This is the biggest advantage of traditional Chinese medicine in treating prostate diseases.

Chinese medicine not only can treat chronic prostatitis, improve symptoms, but also treat other pathological problems. Such as, using chinese medicine ( diuretic and Anti-inflammation pills ) treat prostatitis and infertility at the same time. Because it can improve the quality of sperm and improve the fertility. It was found that Diuretic and Anti-inflammation Pills could improve the secretory function of prostate gland, which has the function that could improve prostate gland from pathology to pathological changes.

What are the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in treating chronic prostatitis? Traditional Chinese medicine not only kill pathogens but also avoid pathological conditions. It can improve the clinical state and improve the physiological function of the patient, And the route of medication is also in line with physiological needs. Chinese medicine is relatively safe and has no obvious side effects, so some scholars call it “green therapy”. TCM treatment of chronic prostate disease has been recognized by the majority of patients.