How to treat severe tubal dropsy with herbs?

Chinese medicine believes that hydrosalpinx disease is mostly caused by damp-heat infusion, qi stagnation and blood stasis. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses the methods of clearing away heat, detoxifying and dampness, removing water, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

However, in the current clinical practice, the combination of Chinese and Western medicine has a better effect. In western medicine, surgery is the main treatment, and if the disease is not heavy, patients could take medicine.

Simple Chinese medicine is can cure this disease also. However, in order to ensure the effect of treatment, it should be combined with its own symptoms. Therefore, patients do not have a psychological burden after illness, they could consult the doctor's advice to choose the treatment method.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the function of FuYan pill for treating this disease is good. If you are worried about the physical injury caused by the operation, you can consult your doctor and decide to give up western medicine entirely or not. also, You could use traditional Chinese medicine treatment in early, and observate for a period of time. if the effect of treatment is not ideal, you can consider the treatment of combine Chinese and Western medicine.

No matter what therapy you take, you need maintain a positive attitude. Although the disease has a negative impact on pregnancy, but you must not be discouraged, correct your mentality, and actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment is very beneficial to the recovery of the disease. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on the treatment of disease.