how many types of hemospermia? What is the difference between them?

The composition of normal semen is mainly from seminal vesicle,According to the cause of the disease,Blood sperm can be divided into three categories. It is Pathological hemospermia, functional hemospermia and idiopathic hemospermia.

Pathological hemo is usually caused by inflammation. It mainly includes seminal vesicultis, prostatitis, urethritis, seminal vesicultis, etc. Chronic verumontanitis can easily lead to hypertrophy of the Seminal testosterone, and causes of dysuria and ejaculation pain. When testicular is hyperemia and edema, mucosa is easy to rupture and bleeding. Especially during sexual intercourse, due to the strong contraction of the posterior urethra, it is more likely to appear blood semen. Of course, urinary system tumors, congenital causes, tuberculosis, varicocele and other reasons are also susceptible to rational blood semen.

Functional hemo is usually related to sexual life. For example, long term no sexual life, sudden interruption of sexual life or continuous sexual intercourse can lead to functional blood semen. This is because the wall of the seminal vesicle is very thin, and there are many thin and crisp capillaries on the upper wall. Once the seminal vesicles are affected by the factors such as contraction or pressure, these capillary walls are prone to rupture and bleeding and cause blood sperm.

The cause of idiopathic hemo semen is special. The reason is that the swelling of the seminal vesicle suddenly postvoiding leads to a sudden drop in intravascular pressure, resulting in hemorrhage. In particular, it is easy to cause no sex for a long time.

For the treatment of these kinds of blood essence, except for regular life, prohibition of masturbation, it can also cooperate with Chinese medicine diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills to treat. Use it to promote the blood circulation, remove blood stasis, remove heat, detoxify, than relieve inflammation and relieve pain, and improve the symptoms caused by blood essence. It had better therapeutic effects on pathological hemo. It can also treat inflammatory diseases such as seminal vesicle inflammation, prostatitis, urethritis, vas deferens, testis and epididymitis.