what food is suitable for patients of endomitriosis?

  Diet regulation is very effective in the treatment of diseases. Good diet helps to cure diseases. Endometriosis is one of the major diseases that affect women's fertility. So how should we recuperate diets for this kind of gynecological disease? Today we are going to understand the knowledge of diet regulation about endometriosis, Hope to be able to  help patients.

  What should be done in dietary management of endometriosis.
  1.Patients should drink more water, eat less milk and limit the intake of meat. You can eat more fish, because fish oil has a very good effect on relieving pain in patients with endometriosis.
  2.Patients should pay attention to supplement nutrition, supplement vitamin B family, it can help liver metabolism, and eliminate excessive estrogen. More use of nourishing food can help Qi and blood circulation, relieve pain, especially those with less Qi and blood deficiency. 
  3.It is harmful to eat astringent astringent food, which can lead to stagnation of blood and blood stasis. Moreover, it is not suitable for patients to eat cold food, such as rape, shepherd's purse, amaranth, cucumber and wax gourd. It is good for patients to eat less before and after menstruation. 
  4.Dried fruit food is suitable for patients to eat. Especially the food is warming yang, nourishing health and promoting blood circulation, nourishing qi and nourishing blood. For example, walnut, jujube, cinnamon and so on. 
5. Patients also be hot compress at the same time. Place a warm bag in the abdomen to keep the abdomen warm or properly maintain physical activity. 

  Dietary conditioning for disease is limited and assist to complete a thorough cure with drug treatment, it achieves a good effect that based on drug treatment with dietary. Diet regulation is based on the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, and it has a good effect on the treatment of endometriosis. Therefore, it is suggested that patients should be treated with Chinese medicine. 

  Fu Yan pill has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxicating, activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, and strengthening spleen and dampness. It can be used in symptomatic treatment of endometriosis. The effect of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis can eliminate dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea in patients. Combined with invigorating spleen and dampness and clearing away heat and detoxification, so it can improve menstruation and kill pathogens. Anti proliferative, anti fibrosis, anti calcification and immune enhancing effects can eliminate the pathological changes of gynecological tissues and achieve the goal of simultaneous treatment. At the same time, it can avoid the damage of hormone and surgical treatment of Western medicine, and is more conducive to the recovery of damaged organs.