what function of drinking dandelion water?

  Dandelion can be seen everywhere in the countryside during the vigorous growth season of spring. Dandelion is a very good medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. It can be used to treat urinary tract of infections such as cystitis.  Is it helpful for patients to take dandelion water?

  It is known that dandelion's different magical methods can play many different therapeutic effects. Such as dandelion has a good function of clearing away heat, detoxicating and dispersing. When you mash it with its rhizome and apply it to the mammary gland, It can play a good role in removing blood stasis and dilating blood vessels and dilating capillaries. It can inhibit fibrous tissue hyperplasia and provide adjuvant treatment for breast diseases.


  Dandelion also has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect. It effectively inhibiting the activity of Helicobacter pylor. It can restore the gastric mucosa and prevent constipation. Some patients with cystitis learn the efficacy of dandelion, such as clearing away heat, detoxifying and diuresis, Would you like to know whether it has function for cystitis. 


  Taking dandelion water to treat cystitis is a helping role. Although dandelion diuretics can be used to treat urinary tract infections such as cystitis, it is better to rely on drugs for the radical treatment of cystitis. If you take chinese medicine (diuretic and An-inflammation pill) to cure that it can clear the heat and toxic, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis and diuresis. This will not only cure cystitis about 1~3 courses, but also prevent cystitis patients from missing the best treatment period.