What are signs of seminal vesicle?

The seminal vesicle is just not an organ for storing semen, but an accessory gland in the male genitalia. It is a set of two oblong-shaped cystic organs located at the back from the bladder bottom. It is outer side from the ampulla from the vas deferens. its shape is wide in upon and narrow in down, slightly flattened in before side. The surface is uneven, the top of may be the seminal vesicle base, along with the budget is slim and straight, which is the drainage tube.

Seminal vesiculitis can be an infection brought on by E. coli and other adjacent organs such as the prostate or any condition that causes the prostate, once the seminal vesicle is congested, the bacteria invade the seminal vesicle, induces inflammation, and results in the bloody essence because the main clinical manifestation. The seminal vesicle is not special. There are two major forms of heterosexual and specific seminal vesicles, the previous including acute seminal vesiculitis and chronic seminal vesiculitis, the latter including seminal vesicle tuberculosis and gonococcal seminal vesiculitis, among which non-specific chronic seminal vesiculitis is the most common.

Common signs of seminal vesiculitis:

fatigue, abdominal discomfort, seminal vesicle enlargement, a number of semen , sperm usually are not liquefaction, urinary tract burning when urination, urination with urgency, frequent urination, dysuria, dizziness.

Acute seminal vesiculitis of symptoms.

(1) Those who have been have been infected with blood might have chills, fever, generalized pain and signs and symptoms of lower abdominal pain. Those who have retrograde infection from the urethra have frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, perineal and rectal pain.

(2) The rectal examination can attain the enlargement of the seminal vesicle, and also the tenderness is clear. The people who have abscess could possibly have a a sense fluctuation.

 Chronic seminal vesicle of symptoms.

(1) Blood essence: This can often be the manifestation of chronic seminal vesiculitis. The appearance of semen is pink, crimson or brown, and several are together with old crumb-like blood clots. Blood essence is often hard to stop, and a lot of patients are prolonged for many months. Most patients No have ejaculation.

(2) Sexual dysfunction: Many people are frightened of blood semem and prevent intercourse. Those people with longer time don't have sexual life usually have decreased libido, frequent spermatorrhea and rapid ejaculation.

(3) urinary tract symptoms: Most patients don't have any obvious urinary tract irritation, more complaints of perineal and minimize abdominal discomfort, some patients have a urinary tract burning sensation, and initial hematuria after ejaculation.

(4) Neurological symptoms: Because of fear from the influence of blood essence for the health of themselves and their spouses, these are concerned about affecting fertility, therefore the burden of thought is heavier. Patients often feel dizzy, fatigue, as well as the disease is very obvious.

(5) digital rectal examination: the obese patients will have cloudy in palpation from the seminal vesicles, some patients can have a very slightly harder texture of the seminal vesicles, bigger and tenderness, along with the boundaries from the seminal vesicles are unclear when its around organ are adhesion.