Can houttuynia cordata treats abnormal leucorrhea due to trichomonas vaginitis?

Trichomonas vaginitis identifies vaginitis brought on by trichomonas in parasitic humans, and patients have symptoms like abnormal leucorrhea, urinary frequency, urination with urgent, and abdominal pain. For the treatments for gynecological diseases, everybody is willing to choose some small remedies, including some patients use houttuynia treat abnormal leucorrhea. Can Houttuyniae treat abnormal leucorrhea caused bytrichomonas vaginitis?

To find out if Houttuynia cordata can treat abnormal leucorrhea brought on by trichomonas vaginitis, we've got to first analyze the medicinal properties of Houttuynia cordata. If it can improve symptom, this can treat this complaint. Houttuynia cordata is really a popular Chinese herbal medicine, which includes the end results of clearing away heat and detoxifying and swelling. It is often found in the treating gonorrhea, vaginal discharge, carbuncle, etc. It can be seen that it may play an important role in abnormal leucorrhea.

However, it is necessary to remind patients that although Houttuynia can start to play a specific therapeutic relation to abnormal leucorrhea, it is hard to realize complete cure from this sort of drug. Because trichomonas vaginitis is not just manifested as abnormal leucorrhea, along with the efficacy of Houttuynia cordata is limited, so so that you can thoroughly treat it, patients often need other prescriptions. At this point, the complete side of Fu Yan pill works for this disease.

The abnormal leucorrhea in english medicine seems to be a result of the stimulation of inflammation. Traditional Chinese medicine classify it to the class of "leucorrhea", that's a result of spleen deficiency and dampness heat. Therefore, Chinese medicine use methods to spleen dampness, clearing heat and detoxification, promoting circulation and other effects to treat. In addition to Houttuynia cordata has function of heat-clearing and detoxifying. scutellaria, licorice are likely to be used.

Fuyan Pill consists of dozens of Chinese herbal supplements for example Bupleurum, Angelica, Peach, and Poria. It can have these complete functions of promoting the circulation of blood and removing phlegm and strengthening spleen and dampness.

In the treatment of vaginal abnormal relieve trichomonas vaginitis, it isn't just uses houttuynia treatment. In order to completely cure the condition, Fuyan Pill has good influence on gynecological diseases. It has also been recognized by national patents. As long as the person can continue with the doctor's advice during the medication, they can generally start to see the obvious effect in a single procedure. Most patients is often curable in three courses of treatment.