Which kind of pelvic effusion which need be treated?

Speaking of pelvic fluid, many women are worried, so pelvic fluid is a nightmare for friends. Many women that terrifies them this disease, in fact, pelvic fluid is just not all pathological, and several are physiological effusion, so we must correctly understand pelvic fluid. Part with the physiological effusion can self-healing, what conditions have to be treated?

Pelvic effusion refers back to the presence of inflammatory exudate in the pelvic cavity of women. It can be split into physiological pelvic effusion and pathological pelvic effusion in clinical practice. the next conditions need treat soon enough.

1. when individuals is suffering from gynecological pelvic inflammation, they've got abdominal pain, fever, high blood-like infection, the peritoneum because of inflammation develop a lots of exudate, ultrasound examination has "pelvic effusion".

2. when patients have sexual life, there exists severe pain inside lower abdomen, together with dizziness, nausea, etc. considering follicular rupture or rupture of the corpus luteum during ovulation, B ultrasound found "pelvic effusion", Symptoms usually disappear in 1-2 days, no need to panic. However, when the volume of bleeding inside rupture mouth is large, you will see massive intra-abdominal hemorrhage. At this time, the sonography could possibly have an increase in pelvic fluid, which requires emergency treatment and surgical repair as appropriate.

3. If patients have menopause, irregular vaginal bleeding or severe abdominal pain, with dizziness, nausea, vomiting, shock, etc., taking into consideration the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy rupture, local tissue rupture and bleeding in the pregnancy, B ultrasound found "pelvic effusion", abdominal bleeding volume More, more pelvic fluid, which need hospitalization for surgery.

4. When people struggling with pelvic and abdominal cavity tumors, the peritoneum is stimulated by tumor cells to produce a wide range of exudate. Ultrasonography even offers "pelvic effusion", nonetheless it often contains the clinical manifestations of primary tumors. Immediate treatment methods are needed.

Therefore, to discover a suitable way of the treating pelvic fluid, if you don't get a full treatment in Western medicine, you could attempt Chinese medicine treatment Fuyan pill. the treating pathological pelvic effusion should be based on the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, while Chinese medicine believes that chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is generally hot and humid, and also the treatment methods are mainly to clear away heat and dampness, promote circulation and take away blood stasis. The effect of Fuyan Pills can just attain the effect of nourishing blood and promoting circulation, relieving pain and relieving pain.