What medicines have good influence on woman of cystitis?

When women have frequent urination, urgency in urination , urination with pain, lower abdominal pain, hematuria and also other symptoms, they need search for a regular hospital to generate a diagnosis. normally, female cystitis contain the above symptoms. Cystitis is the most common disease of the urinary system, and Most from the urinary system diseases are secondary infections of other diseases. Then, which kind of medicine is good effect on this disease? Let me give you introductions.

When ladies have urinary urgency and urinary tingling they desire appropriate rest and drink more water to improve urine output. It can reduce urinary tract symptoms, For patients with obvious bladder irritation, they could use antispasmodic drugs to ease symptoms. In general, cystitis is usually addressed with anti-infective drugs. Patients should use effective antibacterial drugs for urinary bacterial culture and drug susceptibility test.

Regarding the drug for female urinary urgency and urinary tingling, the Chinese medicine Diurea Anti-inflammatory Pill is recommended. The treatment of diuretic anti-inflammatory pill for female cystitis is significant, and there is no side-effect. It is pure Chinese medicine preparation. The diuretic anti-inflammatory pill gets the main functions of getting rid of heat and detoxicating, activating circulation, activating qi and relieving pain, and promoting diuresis. It has no side influence on liver.

Remind patients that the incidence of acute cystitis ladies is sudden, it really is susceptible to fatigue, urinary retention, cold. patients with frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, pyuria and terminal hematuria, It can be cured for 1 to 2 weeks through diuretic anti-inflammatory pills.