Finding the reason for uterine inflammation is essential for curing.

There are many kinds of gynecological inflammation, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, cervicitis, metritis, and vaginitis. the condition is not hard to repeat again. So finding the reason that can completely cure the condition.

It could be brought on by sexual diseases, sometimes without obvious incentives. According to the pathogenic bacteria of infection, it could be split up into two kinds: tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis. Tuberculous endometritis is brought on by tuberculosis infection, and is also often secondary to tubal tuberculosis.

Endometritis is caused by bacteria over the vagina, the cervix ascending or descending over the fallopian tube, and reaching the endometrium through the lymphatic system. Most are a result of the vagina and the cervix.

Under normal circumstances, the female vagina is at an acidic environment, as well as the cervix features a mucus plug, the physiological barrier with the body of a human and will resist the invasion of bacteria. Menstrual period, childbirth, post-abortion and various intrauterine operations destroy the ecological balance from the vagina. These resident flora become pathogenic bacteria, going through the vaginal barrier and causing infection. Which bring about endometritis. so people should look closely at take care of the self-cleaning function of the vagina.

In addition, If individuals don't focus on personal hygiene, menstrual sexual intercourse and heterosexual intercourse with sexually transmitted diseases, It is also at risk of this ailment. elderly women as a result of decreased estrogen within the body, decreased intravaginal acidity and decreased cervical mucus plug, they are vulnerable to senile vaginitis, and further progressed into endometritis.

Many women purchase medicines with no knowledge of their cause. Although they can quickly control the symptoms, the illness is not cured. And for some drugs have drug resistance, long-term utilizing it isn't best for our bodies, so it is recommended that friends select a better Chinese medicine treatment, for example Fuyan pill. It has the consequences of eliminating heat and detoxifying, promoting the circulation of blood, removing phlegm and dampness, and may effectively act around the involved area, eliminate inflammation, eliminate inflammation, and then eliminate a number of symptoms due to vaginitis.