The folk recipe to help remedy itching of vaginitis quickly.

Women with low immunity or long-term utilization of antibiotics are more likely to develop fungal vaginitis. Trichomonas vaginitis is normally a result of poor cleansing, and a few seniors, because of low levels of estrogen, cause poor resistance, could cause vaginal inflammation.

Treatment of vaginitis.

1. oral medications. Patients employed to treat it with antibiotics. But when people regularly apply it, it is going to reduce the body's immunity and form drug dependence. so people can not treat it with antibiotics for some time.

2. Topical lotion or vaginal rinse. You may feel great after vaginal rinse, but from then on, in the end you have symptoms. this technique are unable to cure this condition. It is only temporary relief. Long-term use could also cause imbalance of vaginal flora, causing repeated attacks of vaginitis.
Folk treatment.

30 grams of dried wormwood leaves to the water, boiled with high heat, cook for 10 or 15 minutes on low heat, filter off of the leaves following your fire is powered down, pour the juice into the pots or buckets, and Fumigated pudendal for 20 minutes. Finally, clean the vulva with warm water of wormwood.

Washing the genitals with water of wormwood carries a very good impact on various vaginitis, a lot of people can cure itchy just after using, and severe patients is going to take effect after 72 hours.

Vaginitis patients usually do that.

1. Wash your underwear separately. Do not put underwear and other clothes together to stop cross infection.

2. take note of good personal hygiene, clean genitals with tepid to warm water every single day, underwear should be changed frequently.

3. usually do not frequently use gynecological lotion, this will likely only cause acid-base imbalance, increase inflammation.

4. wearing loose cotton underwear. Tight chemical fiber underwear is not breathable, could make a nearby temperature and humidity increase, which are almost certainly to cause mold of growth.

5. look closely at public health. Do not use a public bath tub, toilet outside, stained is the most suitable to make use of paper towels before using.