To prevent cystitis, people need drink more water and hold less urine.

Cystitis is easily the most common disease in urinary system diseases. In many cases, you'll find burning pain inside the urinary tract, frequent urination, urgency of urination with difficult. The incidence of cystitis is incredibly high, perhaps there is anything good strategy to prevent it? In fact, the best and many effective method to prevent cystitis starts to drinking more water and less urine.

Drinking more water can boost the quantity of urine, that can make the bladder to be in a flushing state. If you have more urinate, it is possible to discharge the bacterial virus that enters the bladder, that will decrease the probability of bacteria in the bladder. It is extremely good method to prevent inflammation of bladder.

Holding urine helps to make the urine stay inside the bladder for years, rendering it an easy task to create opportunities for the reproduction of bacteria and raise the incidence of cystitis. At the same time, the urine will even make the bladder in a very filling state. If it is frequent, the bladder often In the filling state, the elasticity of the bladder wall is reduced, the baroreceptor is unresponsive, and the residual urine volume inside bladder after urination is increased, which can cause urinary retention.

In addition to drinking more water and holding less urine, individuals who want to stop cystitis need look closely at other details in everyday life, including, keep clean, bathe frequently and change underwear frequently; Before and after sex, individuals are better to urinate as soon as possible; other utis, like, urethritis, Antibiotics might be selected inside acute phase, oral Chinese medicine such as diuretic anti-inflammatory pills inside the chronic phase, It can help patients recover quickly.