Can prostatitis be cured completely? Will it cause prostate type of cancer?

Can prostatitis be treated completely? Does prostatitis lead to prostate type of cancer? The relationship between prostatitis and cancer of the prostate can be a common question. Is there any correlation involving the two disease?

The exact reason behind prostate type of cancer remains to be unclear and might be associated with genetic changes. Changes in genes for example androgen receptor-related genes can result in a greater probability of prostate type of cancer; genetic changes could possibly be connected with environmental factors including diet. The more genetic changes, the more the likelihood of cancer of prostate. In a few cases, prostate type of cancer could be hereditary.

In addition to genetic factors, long-term inflammatory stimuli can also be a crucial predisposing factor for cancer. "Chronic hepatitis increases the likelihood of liver cancer. Chronic gastric ulcer and colitis also increase the risk of stomach cancer and colon cancer." Although chronic inflammation is one of the factors behind many tumors, there's no research to prove if people won't completely treat prostatitis that can cause prostate type of cancer.

Prostatitis has nothing related to prostate type of cancer, and yes it won't improve the incidence of prostate type of cancer. Prostatitis and prostate cancer have different causes. They are two different diseases. Various reasons behind congestion, especially passive congestion, pathogenic microbial infection, anxiety, depression, fear and also other adverse psychological factors have long-term stimulation, that happen to be considered to the main reasons behind prostatitis; as well as the cause of cancer of prostate just isn't very clear. It is generally thought to be in connection with genes and disorders from the metabolic balance of sex hormones.

So can prostatitis be completely cured? Of course! The formula of Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pills contains the effect of promoting circulation, getting rid of heat and detoxifying. The effect of eliminating heat and detoxifying can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria and eliminate inflammation. The effect of promoting the circulation of blood and removing blood stasis may make the blood in the prostate patency and tissue recovery activity. The symptoms of patients could be improved after 30 days of treatment, and prostatitis is cured in a couple of months.

And patients with prostatitis need to do some exercise after busy work. They should try to avoid tobacco, alcohol, coffee, spicy food to cut back the congestion of the prostate. Prostatitis will not lead to prostate cancer, patients no requirement to concern yourself with it.