How is the hydrosalpinx formed?

Hydrosalpinx, also called tubal effusion, describes a great deal of congestion and edema in the fallopian tube and fallopian tube contains a lot of liquid. Hydrosalpinx is a type of gynecological inflammation that produces menstrual disorders, abdominal pain, and long-term infertility. How is the hydrosalpinx formed?

First, caused by chronic fallopian tube of inflammation. Chronic fallopian tube inflammation will produce some inflammatory secretions. If the chronic salpingitis is not cured for some time, the umbrella end of the fallopian tube could be blocked by inflammation, and the leakage and exudate gradually accumulate within the tubal lumen.

Second, evolved from the fallopian tube empyema. The pus cells and necrotic tissues in the lumen are decomposed and cleared by phagocytic cells, and the pus gradually changed into a clear water. There are many people of hydrosalpinx not caused by inflammation from the fallopian tube, many people of hydrosalpinx due to tubal sterilization.

Hydrosalpinx, for young women, it is just not recommended to use the strategy of resection from the fallopian tube, they're able to utilize a drug with specific relation to the hydrosalpinx to ensure that can retain women's fertility, and does not affect Female normal hormonal levels. Fuyan pill is often a conservative traditional herbal medicine. It has good impact on this ailment.