Preventive measures for endometrial hyperplasia.

There are three varieties of endometrial hyperplasia: simple hyperplasia, complex hyperplasia and atypical hyperplasia. This is a high-risk disease which has a certain tendency to cancer. Prevention of endometrial hyperplasia is essential for every woman. For the health of women, let us introduce the preventive measures for endometrial hyperplasia.

The specific pathogenesis of endometrial hyperplasia continues to be not so clear, however it is currently regarded as in connection with the long-term stimulation of estrogen. Therefore, prevention could be started from your following aspects:

1. Control your weight. The androstenedione secreted through the adrenal gland of obese women is changed into estrone through the action of aromatase in adipose tissue. The more adipose tissue, the stronger the transformation ability, the greater the amount of estrone in plasma. Then, endometrium is effected by persistent estrogen. But controlling weight isn't that people do not eat foods, just eat fruits, also is damaging to body. People need a reasonable dieting and exercise properly.

2. Active treat endocrine disorders. Such as polycystic ovary syndrome, can lead to non-ovulation phenomenon, long-term non-ovulation will also cause endometrial long-term effected by estrogen, inducing endometrial hyperplasia. if people have endocrine disorders diseases, they must also actively treat. Under the guidance of your doctor, they can choose appropriate hormone drugs, or choose Chinese medicine for treating.

3. Pay attention to the menstrual situation. If there are symptoms like irregular menstruation and irregular vaginal bleeding, as a way to treat this disease early, young people need to visit the hospital for examination. If everyone is diagnosed as endometrial hyperplasia and other gynecological inflammation, they could choose Chinese medicine. such as Fuyan pills, which have outcomes of anti-inflammatory, promoting blood flow and removing blood stasis. For a selection of gynecological inflammation and endometrial hyperplasia, it may have a great therapeutic effect.

4. Pay attention to emotional in way of life. For example, If people can maintain a happy mood, learn how to adjust mood, ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up all night, etc., then, people can prevent endocrine disorders, thereby preventing the endometrial hyperplasia. People of diet should light, consume less food you aren't eat irritating food, focus on keep warm, avoid cold stimulation, etc., these also are likely involved in prevention.

Although the cause of endometrial thickening is just not yet clear, providing people pay more attention to the above aspects, it may generally prevent the illness. For women who may have endometrial hyperplasia, they no need too anxious, maintain a good mentality and actively treat the sickness. including the Chinese medicine Fuyan pills. in the event the patient can stick to the doctor's advice, they're able to return to normal about 1-4 courses.