What should woman do when they have cervicitis?

Female cervicitis mainly includes cervical erosion, cervical cyst, cervical mucositis. Female cervical mucosa can be a single-layer squamous epithelium with poor anti-infective ability, that's vulnerable to infection, leading to cervix hemorrhage, erosion, burning pain, swelling. The main clinical symptoms are leucorrhea, leucorrhea with blood or yellow purulent, sexual intercourse bleeding, Vaginal itching and pain. If you have cervical erosion for a long time and so are stimulated by inflammation, it could be have contracted HPV, that is the most reason for cervititis.

Treatment of cervicitis should start with treatment and inhibition of recurrence. In particular, patients with cervical erosion must first get rid of the erosion surface and eliminate inflammation; secondly, activate cellular matrix to regenerate the cervical mucosa; third, build an immune mechanism in order to avoid recurrence of erosion or inflammation.

So, how to treat cervicitis specifically? The widely used methods in clinical practice mostly are antibiotic treatment, physiotherapy and surgical procedure. However, long-term use of antibiotics will destroy into your market of beneficial bacteria by the body processes, easily cause unwanted organisms to generate antibodies and modify the therapeutic effect, and may even accelerate the reproduction of harmful bacteria and aggravate the trouble.

Physical therapy and surgery like laser, microwave, ultraviolet, electric iron, LEEP knife, etc., it is easily stimulate the cervical mucosa, damage the top cells from the cervical mucosa, and easily cause imbalance of cervical function.

they can try green Chinese medicine treatment, like Chinese medicine Fuyan pills. It is really a pure Chinese herbal preparation, comes with a ancient formula. it doesn't damage the liver and kidney in the body of a human and has no unwanted effects on the body of a human. Although the treatment time is fairly long as opposed to runners, it is safer than antibiotics, and quite a few patients are completely cure.