Diet treatment for patients with cystitis.

The biggest factor cause weakening of bladder is "cold". The reason why lots of women have problems with cystitis is to eat more foods that make the body cold, including eating fruits, lettuce sand salad, juice, and frozen goodies or cakes containing plenty of sugar, and since they're fearful of an excessive amount of salt, Eating foods that have almost no salt, on account of insufficient salt, which promotes the body's cold.

Although the incidence of cystitis in men is much lower than in women, but it is often more serious in males. Generally speaking, males are weaker than females inside their power to synthesize protein, so they really must eat animal foods appropriately. Actually, these are more inclined to consume animal foods than women. However, when men's dietary status are excessive drinking, that is prone to cold in blader and  vulnerable to cystitis.

Getting enough fresh juice will work for those who eat more meat. Because fruit can prevent the body from overheating, it may also promote the excretion of waste and toxins inside the blood. it is best to utilize tropical fruits abundant in enzymes. like, mango and papaya. However, individuals who don't like you can eat animal foods originally, and those that like to eat light food and white rice, take the same method of eating (drinking tropical fruits), it has the opposite effect.

Cystitis is basically uncomfortable. But people will use herbs to alleviate its symptoms. Quzhou Prunella (Panicle part), spinach (root), and valerian are common famous folk herbs. When people utilize it, they take 20 grams of dried product in a serving pot. After boiling in water, the consequence is good.