How can we determine if the seminal vesiculitis is cured?

The occurrence of seminal vesiculitis can often be together with prostatitis, which is also a disease rich in risk and high incidence in male diseases. Patients with abdominal pain and blood essence as the main symptoms, affecting normal life, but additionally indirectly bring about infertility by affecting the quality of semen, so patients need timely treatment. just how will we know if seminal vesiculitis is cured? In fact, The cure of seminal vesiculitis  as symptoms disappear.

The intent behind treating diseases is to remove the signs of the condition, as well because management of seminal vesiculitis. In clinical treatment, there are lots of treating seminal vesiculitis, for example oral antibiotics, or take Chinese herbal medicine like diuretic anti-inflammatory pills, the primary purpose is to remove the symptoms.

In true of oral antibiotic treatment, patients should select sensitive drugs for treatment beneath the guidance of drug susceptibility test, which may reduce drug resistance. After the symptoms disappear, which indicates that the drug has a therapeutic effect. Considering the therapy is easy to relapse, patients who have no symptoms still must continue make drug for 1-2 weeks to consolidate treatment. If patients oral Chinese herbal medicine, such as, diuretic anti-inflammatory pills, after using the symptoms disappeared, most patients have already recovered. Of course, to be able to consolidate the consequence, some patients will continue to consolidate a course of treatment.

The disappearance of symptoms is a standard for solution of seminal vesiculitis. in order to avoid recurrence, patients need to continue make drug for 1-2 weeks. this ought to be especially noted in Western medicine. If patients desire a strict result, they are able to review after the symptoms disappear. At this time, when the red blood cells, white blood cells, and bacterial cultures are negative, it really is complete cured.