What are treating chronic cervicitis?

Gynecological diseases usually cause great injury to women's health. The more common you are cervicitis. If cervicitis isn't treated for some time, it will cause chronic cervicitis. At this time, chronic cervicitis will cause more dangerous damage to the female body. However, many patients don't pay attention to lifestyle, Causing the illnesses to repeat, long-term not cure. This following is general strategy to cervicitis in daily life.

1. Self-therapy.

First, you'll be able to heat the palm of your hand; then push down small abdomen using your palms more than once, then massage the interior of the thigh repeatedly with your palm. It is noting that the painful part should be kneaded many times until you will find there's a sense heat; lastly it is possible to use palm of your respective hand knead the lumbosacral portion prior to the heat spread to lessen abdomen.

2. diet method.

 Purslane lean broth: 250 grams of lean pork, 30 grams of purslane and Semen Euryales. Wash the purslane, Semen Euryales, and pork lean meat, position them to the pot together, atart exercising . water, boil the fire, and change to low heat for two hours, seasoning for usage. It has the consequences of getting rid of heat and detoxifying and dampness and stopping the band, and is also suitable for damp-heat type acute cervicitis.

Quail soup : 1 fat and tender (weight about 100g), 30 grams of coix seed, 12 grams of cork, 6 grams of Atractylodes. Slaughter fat and tender quail, remove feather and bodily organs, wash the coix seed and fry until slightly yellow, clean cork, Atractylodes. Put all the ingredients to the pot, then add water, and boil over low heat approximately a couple of hours. Season and serve. It has the effects of getting rid of heat and detoxifying and diuresis, and is ideal for damp-heat type acute cervicitis.

 Houttuynia pig lung soup: 60 grams of fresh cordate houttuynia, pig lungs about 200 grams, the quantity of salt. Cut the pig's lungs into pieces, squeeze them personally to eliminate the foam, then add water to create soup, season with a little salt. It has the result of getting rid of heat and detoxification and it is suitable for acute cervicitis.