Can cystitis be given to our children and grandchildren?

Cystitis is a type of disease among male friends. In our lives, many men suffer from cystitis, however they don't understand what is cystitis, what can cause cystitis. Therefore, a lot of men are puzzled by cystitis. This disease is just not forwarded to generations to come,  there are many reasons for cystitis in following.

One from the factors behind cystitis: male friends suffering from urinary infections such as: seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, orchitis, prostatitis, causing man experience cystitis.

The second cause of cystitis: on account of men's irregular sexual life, sexual every day life is too frequent in everyday life, excessive masturbation, deliberately prolonged time and not ejaculation and other bad habits, resulting in congestion inside male epididymis, thereby inducing men to develop bladder inflammation.

The third reason behind cystitis: men develop undesirable habits in everyday life, such as abusive drinking, smoking, eating spicy food, long-distance cycling, sedentary instead of exercising. Such behaviors could also cause harmful substances in the male body, that causes men to develop cystitis.

Cystitis is not given to future generations. I hope that from the introduction in the article, folks have a knowledge of cystitis and they also are able to do well in preventing cystitis. When people find they do not feel well, they need to head to hospital for examination and treatment. They are no need to have too much pressure. Diuretic anti-inflammatory pills are pure Chinese medicine formula, that may treat cystitis perfectly.