Mostly tubal blockage originate from inflammation of fallopian tube.

The fallopian tube plays a huge role in female fertility. It is the necessary passage for nurturing new life, and it's also another place for combining sperm and eggs. Once the fallopian tube is blocked, it is possible to cause female infertility.

The fallopian tube is tubular. The two tubes are one at right along with other at left. Each one is 8-15 cm long. Fallopian tube has two openings: the inner opening is found in the uterine cavity from the uterus, known as the "fallopian tube – uterine ostium"; the outer opening is located in the abdominal cavity, called "fallopian tube – abdominal cavity". Most in the fallopian tube blockage is due to inflammation.

The fallopian tube as well as the ovary are adjacent, and once the inflammation affects the ovaries, causing impaired ovarian function, it is going to affect menstruation. In addition, it could cause ectopic pregnancy, abdominal discomfort, frequent urination, dysuria, constipation, diarrhea, painful intercourse and vaginal bleeding. Among these conditions, ectopic pregnancy is easily the most bad for women.

Under normal circumstances, as soon as the sperm enters the uterine cavity, it will swim to the fallopian tube, fulfill the egg in fallopian tube and complete the insemination. After the fertilized egg moves to the uterine cavity and develops right into a fetus. If the fallopian tube is narrow or blocked, it's going to customize the normal walking from the fertilized egg. sometimes, the fertilized egg could be implanted beyond your uterine cavity, that is ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy usually takes place when the fallopian tube is just not smooth or distorted. The light might cause the fallopian tube to be completely blocked. In severe cases, there may bring about bleeding as well as life-threatening.

In clinic and surgery, the most frequent reason behind tubal blockage is inflammation. For example, the organs at the fallopian tube have inflammation, which could easily cause tubal infection, which results in congestion, edema, and intrauterine adhesions in the fallopian tubes, which might eventually cause blockage of the fallopian tubes. Therefore, patients should pay focus on treatment, Fuyan pill have good effect on tubal blockage.